8 Appearance Of The Dog Breeds 100 Years Ago And Now

#8 English Bulldog now

The English Bulldog, the star of Churchill safety posters, has turned into a real monster thanks to selection. Today it is one of the most painful dogs. In fact, there is no such thing as a healthy bulldog: hip dysplasia, congenital elbow dislocation, tracheal hypoplasia, skin fold dermatitis, brachycephalic syndrome, entropion ... Maintaining the breed made childbirth impossible without medical intervention. Life expectancy is only 6.25 years.

#10 German Shepherd now

Even a German Shepherd, which was often the standard of a “real” dog, is degrading. The book "Breeds of all nations" describes the standard of 25-30 kg. Today it is a very heavy dog. Hence immediate problems with the spine and hind legs. Dysplasia of the elbow and hip joint, disease of the intervertebral discs, lameness. As well as diabetes, cataracts and all kinds of tumors. Once the dogs of this breed were able to take barriers 2.6 meters high, but now their croup is lowered, the dog has become angular, and the chest sticks out with a wheel - accordingly, the German Shepherd already does not have such physical indicators.

#12 Pug now

Pugs received a tail from a man, which is twice as tightly twisted than before, which, according to Musculus, can lead to paralysis. Shortened muzzle and folded skin often lead to overheating. Pugs, like all brachycephalic, have huge breathing problems and are prone to respiratory infections. A shortened muzzle always leads to problems with teeth and infections of the skin fold on the muzzle. They are characterized by obesity. Pug encephalitis is a genetic disease. Symptoms of this disease are convulsions, loss of orientation, blindness, coma, and death. However, pugs may suffer from epilepsy, which is in no way associated with encephalitis.

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