8 Most Common Types of Shepherd Dogs


The breed hails from Bos and is a close relative of another French shepherd dog, Briard. By nature, Beauceron is friendly to the owners, but alert to outsiders has all the qualities of a guard dog. Freedom-loving - does not tolerate content on the chain.


The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is well known in Western Europe, as it carried border service on the border separating West and East Germany. In Russia, it can often be found as a guard dog or companion. They are smart, strong and beautiful, reminiscent of teddy bears. Education should be engaged from an early age. They trust only their family, they obey only one owner. But keeping such a dog in the apartment will not work: long hair will require laborious care. The Caucasian was created to live and serve in the courtyard of a private house.


Alabai has a powerful, strong skeleton. According to the Asian standard, ears and tail are stopped from an early age. Alabai’s appearance is formidable, he treats strangers with distrust, but for his he will be a kind, affectionate friend.

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