90+ Finnish Cold Dog Names From Finland (With Meanings)

Finnish dog names

Finnish names are mostly like Nordic countries such as Swedish or Norwegian names, but they are slightly different. To English native speakers found that Finnish names are exotic, so picking a Finnish name for your dog would be an excellent idea since it’s uncommon names that would make your dog above the others.

Finnish dogs are so popular today due to the smiling dog of the President of Finland. Finnish dog names are unusual, rare, and unique. Such a name is a great choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Male Finnish Dog Names

  • Kaiku: Echo
  • Kari: Pet name for Karl
  • Erno: Variant of Ernust, meaning seriousness
  • Aku: Pet form of Akaaton, meaning venerable, majestic
  • alto: Wave
  • Kerkko: Shoot of a tree
  • Kastepisara: Dewdrop
  • Paavo: Variant of Pavel, meaning small
  • Ensio: First, primary
  • Koira: Dog
  • Onni: Luck
  • Aave: Ghost
  • Ansa: Trap
  • Into: Eagerness
  • Maikki: Pet name for Mai, pearl
  • Kullervo: Golden, character in The Kalevala
  • Taimi: Seedling
  • Kari: Pet name for Karl, Curly-haired
  • Aurinko: Sun
  • Tuli: Fire, flame
  • Mainio: Excellent
  • Aate: Thought, idea
  • Kaarna: Bark of a tree
  • Aarre: Per form of Aron
  • Nyyrikki: Young ruler; god of the hunt
  • Leevi: From Levi, attatched

  • Ukko: God of the sky and thunder
  • Panu: City dweller
  • Niilo: Victor of the people
  • Pekko: God of brewing
  • Vaito: Silent one
  • Aarne: Bird
  • Aatami: Adam
  • Jouko: Pet name for Joukahainen, large or tall
  • Mainikki: Praised, excellent
  • Aurinko: Sun
  • Auvo: Honor
  • Iisakki: Isaak, he will laugh
  • Tapio: God of animals and the forest
  • Otso: Bear
  • Valo: Light
  • Airi: Herald, messenger
  • Jorkki: Pet form of Jori or Jörgen meaning farmer or earth
  • Aleksi: Defender
  • Edel: Noble
  • Jalo: Noble
  • Ilmatar: Spirit of the air in The Kalevala
  • Ahti or Ahto: God of the sea
  • Kosto: Vengeance
  • Aatu: Aaron
  • Lauha: Gentle

Female Finnish Dog Names

  • Nalle: Teddy bear
  • Kevät: Spring
  • Kesä: Summer
  • Isebel: Jezebel
  • Kulta: Gold
  • Kanerva: Heather
  • Inka: Folk heroine
  • Sanna: Short oft Susanna, sann meaning truthful
  • Elämä: Life
  • Syksy: Autumn
  • Armas: Beloved
  • Kuu: Moon
  • Feeli: Felix; happy
  • Birita: Exalted one
  • Kauno: Beautiful
  • Annikki: Pet name for Anna, Grace
  • Lumi: Snow
  • Mielikki: Goddess of the forest, from mielu meaning luck
  • Mirkku: Girl, beloved
  • Kesä: Summer
  • Katja: Pure, pet name for Ekaterina
  • Sirke: Perky, Lively
  • Aino: Only one; character in The Kalevala
  • Tähti: Star
  • Heinä: Hay
  • Joona: Jonah
  • Talvi: Winter
  • Raisa: Adaptable, relaxed
  • Larssi: From Lars, meaning laurel
  • Inari: Name of a lake, successful
  • Peni: Old word for “dog”
  • Rae: Hailstone
  • Kaisla: Reed
  • Kaleva: Mythological ancestor of Finns
  • Floora: Flower
  • Kulta: Dear, sweetheart
  • Elämä: Life
  • Ilma: Air
  • Marja: Mary; berry
  • Halla: Frost or freeze
  • Oiva: Splendid
  • Kielo: Lily of the valley
  • Taika: Magic
  • Milla: Noble, freeborn
  • Salla: Name of a mountain

Most people are looking for a unique name for their four legged best friend, and picking foreign names is one of many ways to name a dog. So if you need more foreign name ideas, you can visit our complete foreign dog names

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