Everything You Need To Know When Buying A New Cat

If you’ve decided to welcome a new cat into your home, you might be unsure of what you need to do to help you prepare for their arrival. If so, then keep reading because we’re going to be covering some of the top things you need to know when it comes to buying a new cat. Read on if you want to find out more.

How To Help A Cat Settle In A New Home 

When bringing a new cat home, some can find it harder to settle in than others. However, there are a few ways you can help your cat to settle in. If you’ve already got other cats, this can make it slightly harder for a new cat to feel comfortable as they will have the added stress of having to become accustomed to your other cats as well as a new environment. You can help make this easier for them by separating your cats into a different area of the house whilst the new addition becomes more familiar with the sights and smells of their new home. After a few days, you could try gradually introducing them to each other to see how they interact. You should continue to feed them separately until they are comfortable enough around each other. Try to avoid loud noises whilst your cat is getting settled in and give them a calm quiet space to relax into. 

What To Feed Your Cat

The right type of food for your new cat can really depend on their personal preferences. You might find if you already have cats that you have to buy different types of food for each one. Whether you choose a wet or dry food diet for your cat, you need to make sure they’re getting the right nutrition. Your vet may recommend additional nutritional support for any health conditions they may have. The range of natural pet food from Encore helps to make sure your cat receives all the nutrition they need to keep them healthy.

Living Inside Or Outside

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing whether cats should live inside or outside, and there can be different reasons that affect this choice. Keeping a cat inside can be a good choice if you live near a busy road, or if they’re prone to running away. One thing you do need to consider though if you’re choosing to keep your cat inside is that they will need extra mental stimulation to keep them entertained and mimic the outdoors. For example, you could purchase toys that allow them to use their natural hunting instincts. Having another pet cat in the house may also help them with socialization and feeling settled inside.

Taking Out Pet Insurance For Cats 

Taking out insurance to help cover your cat’s vet’s bills helps should they experience issues with their health or have an accident. Vet’s bills can be expensive and are hard to predict and plan for. Taking out the right cover fo your cat will help take some of the financial pressure away from paying vet bills so your cat can receive the veterinary attention they need. Make sure to research the right type of cover for your individual needs before paying for your policy.

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