15+ Celebrities Who Own Golden Retriever & Their Dogs Name

Do you know that some celebrities are Golden Retriever’s parents?

Yes, People (includes celebrities) love Golden Retrievers since they are one of the top popular dog breeds around the world, and also known as friendly, intelligent and have good attitude towards their owner makes them the best family pet.

Here is the list of the celebrities who own Golden Retrievers and their dogs names

#1 Jackie Chan

Chinese kungfu master and action actor own two Golden Retrievers names Jones and JJ

#2 Ryan Reynolds

Canadian-American actor also known for his role as Wade Wilson in Deadpool has a Golden Retriever named Bexter

#3 Mike Sorrentino

Also known as The situation, Mike Sorrentino has Golden Retriever named Moses

#4 Lisa Vanderpump

British actress known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills owns a Golden retriever named Rumpy Pumpy.

#5 Nick Jonas

American singer and actor also Priyanka Chopra’s husband owns a Golden retriever named Elvis

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