Dog DNA Tests: How Much Does it Cost to Get a Dog DNA Test?

How much does it cost to get a dog DNA test

Canine DNA tests have gained significant popularity among pet owners seeking to uncover their beloved companions’ ancestral heritage, breed composition, and potential health vulnerabilities.

These tests offer invaluable insights into your dog’s genetic profile, empowering you to make informed choices concerning their overall care and welfare.

In this blog post, we will delve into the financial aspects of dog DNA tests, the factors influencing their pricing, and evaluate their worthiness as an investment.

How Much Does a Dog DNA Test Cost?

The pricing of a dog DNA test can differ considerably based on the particular brand and the extent of information included in the test results.

On average, the cost typically spans from $60 to $200. Basic tests providing limited insights may be found at the lower end, starting around $60, while more comprehensive tests that include health screenings and breed identification tend to be priced between $100 and $200.

In addition to the test cost itself, it’s important to consider any accompanying processing fees that account for shipping and handling expenses.

Furthermore, certain companies may charge an additional premium for tests incorporating supplementary features such as genetic health screening or detailed breed identification.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Dog DNA Test


When it comes to dog DNA tests, the price can fluctuate significantly due to various factors. These factors include:


The choice of brand for a DNA test can significantly influence its price.

Certain brands are renowned for providing high-quality tests at a reasonable price, while others may have a higher cost but offer enhanced accuracy and detailed results.

Moreover, specific brands may impose additional charges for supplementary features like health screenings and breed identification.

Test type

The type of test you choose can also affect the cost.

Some tests offer basic information such as ancestry and breed composition, while others may include more detailed information about health risks or other genetic traits.

Additionally, some companies offer more comprehensive tests that provide additional features such as in-depth health screenings and breed identification.

Level of detail

The level of detail included in the test results can also have an impact on the price.

Tests that provide more detailed information such as genetic health risks or breed identification may cost more than those that simply provide ancestry and breed composition results.

Additionally, some companies may charge a premium for tests that offer extra features such as health screenings or breed identification.

Sales and promotions

Companies may also offer sales or promotional discounts on their dog DNA tests from time to time.

Shopping around for a good deal can help you save money on your test.

Additionally, some companies offer loyalty programs or subscription packages that can provide additional savings over time.

Are Dog DNA Tests Worth the Cost?


Determining the value of a dog DNA test in relation to its cost depends on your unique requirements and objectives as a pet owner.

Here are some factors to consider when contemplating the investment in a dog DNA test:

Breed identification

In case you have uncertainties about the breed or breeds of your dog, a DNA test can offer valuable insights into their ancestral background and breed composition.

This information can enhance your comprehension of your furry companion’s physical attributes and behavioral tendencies, enabling you to make informed choices concerning their overall welfare and needs.

Health screening

Additionally, dog DNA tests can furnish crucial insights into potential health risks for your canine companion.

This knowledge empowers you to adopt proactive measures in maintaining their well-being and addressing any foreseeable concerns.

Moreover, certain tests may incorporate genetic health screenings that enable the identification of specific inherited diseases or conditions.

Genetic traits

Furthermore, DNA tests can yield insights into additional genetic traits that your dog may possess, including coat color and type, eye color, body size, and more.

Being aware of this information can enhance your comprehension and admiration of your furry companion’s distinctive attributes.

Ancestry and relatives

Moreover, DNA tests can offer valuable glimpses into your pup’s ancestral origins, enabling you to delve into their genetic lineage and potentially forge connections with distant relatives.

This intriguing and captivating avenue allows for a deeper understanding and exploration of your cherished canine companion.

Overall, dog DNA tests can offer valuable information that can help pet owners make informed decisions about their pup’s care and well-being.


The price of a dog DNA test may fluctuate based on the brand and the extent of the information offered in the test results. While these tests do involve a financial commitment, they can provide valuable revelations about your dog’s breed, health, and genetic characteristics.

Ultimately, the decision of whether a dog DNA test is worth the expense depends on your specific requirements and objectives as a pet owner.

If you have a keen interest in understanding your dog’s genetic composition and potential health vulnerabilities, a dog DNA test can be a worthwhile consideration.

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