130+ Demon Wolf Names and Their Meanings

What comes to mind when you think of demon wolves? For many people, demon wolves are the stuff of myth and folklore. However, some cultures believe that demon wolves are real animals that can be tamed by humans.

Regardless of whether demon wolf legends are true or not, they’ve inspired a lot of interesting names for both male and female demon wolves alike. In this blog post, we will discuss 130+ demon wolf names!

demon wolf names

Here are the best demon wolf names and their meanings.

Male Demon Wolf Names

Casper Treasurer
King King’s forest clearing
Otis One who hears well
Oya Miwok Name.Meaning Unknown
Kaleo The voice
Cyclops One eyed monster
Wednesday Woden’s Day
Shadow Shadow
Damien To tame
Kern Seed
Delano From The Elder Tree Grove.
Alec Defending men
Marcus From the god Mars
Orlando Famous country
Hyde Exquisite
Corbin A steep hill
Nicholas Victory of the people
Hannibal The grace of the god Ba’al
Ghost A haunting spirit or memory. One who moves noiselessly.
Felix Happy
Caius Rejoice
Braeden Broad, wide
Spirit Part of the human being associated with the mind. Vigorous or animated state – spirited. Also distilled alcohol.
Jack God is gracious
Igor Warrior archer
Regan Regal
Al An Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Al-
Diablo The Devil
Ichabod Glory has departed
Ahab Father’s brother
Seth Appointed
Merlin Sea fort
Barnabas Son of consolation
Frankie Diminutive Of Frank Free: A Free Man. Frankie Is Occasionally Used For Girls.
Argus Bright
Herman Man in the army
Dexter Dyer of cloth
Laurent Man from Laurentum
Salem Secure, peace
Raul Wolf council
Hades World of the dead or hell.
Griffin Reddish
Landis From The Grassy Plain
Rusalka Wood nymph
Chucky Free man
Jaguar Large Spotted Feline
Medusa Cunning
Midnight Intense darkness, the middle of the night
Aldon Old friend
Boris Battle, fight
Aleron Eagle
Blair Plain
Blade Wealthy Glory
Demetri Earth Goddess
Hathor House of Horus
Malcolm Columba’s servant
Osiris Uncertain, perhaps throne of the eye
Phantom Something elusive. A ghost
Alessandro Defending men
Vlad Rule
Black Dark
Jager Hunter
Cain A spear
Male Demon Wolf Names

Female Demon Wolf Names

Alumit Girl
Amaia High place
Amdis Immortal
Amy Loved
Andras Grace
Astrid God + fair, beautiful
Bela Within
Bella My God is a vow
Bronwen White-breasted
Carmen Garden
Abbreviation Of Carol And Caroline From The Masculine Charles Meaning Manly
Claudia Disabled
Dai Beloved
Desdemona Ill-starred
Wicker, reed, shoot
Uncertain, possibly noble guardian
Endora Fountain
Fala Crow
Fair, white, beautiful
Heidi Noble one
Hilda Battle
Irina Peace
Chaste, unmarried
Katrina Pure
Lilly Lily
Mara Bitter
Misty Misty
The Lady Of The Lake
Nyx Night
Born in a holy place
Pandora All gift
Peri Fruit
Petula Impatient
Rahab Vast
Robin Bright fame
Rosemary Sea dew
A Welsh river name
Samantha Listener
Sirena Composed
Sonja Wisdom
Tabitha Gazelle
Zelda Gray warrior
Female Demon Wolf Names

Unisex Demon Wolf Names

Chucky Free man
Medusa Cunning
Hyde Exquisite
Hathor House of Horus
Diablo The Devil
Fang Fragrant
Manson Son of Magnus
Shadow Shadow
World of the dead or hell.
Crimson Crimson, red
Rusalka Wood nymph
Uncertain, perhaps throne of the eye
A haunting spirit or memory. One who moves noiselessly.
Part of the human being associated with the mind. Vigorous or animated state – spirited. Also distilled alcohol.
Salem Secure, peace
Demon Demon
Bones that form the mouth. A dangerous situation – “The Jaws of Death”
One eyed monster
Intense darkness, the middle of the night
Charlie Free man
Petey Stone
Wednesday Woden’s Day
Cat Catlike
Something elusive. A ghost
Black Dark
The Devil and adversary of God
Has extra toes and hence is a bigfoot
Jager Hunter
Miwok Name.Meaning Unknown
Chaos Gaping void
Unisex Demon Wolf Names

The best part about this blog post is that the names are organized by gender, so you can find a name for your new pet or character with ease. You might be wondering why we chose to write 130+ demon wolf names (and not just one hundred).

Well, it turns out there’s an awful lot of different interpretations of what exactly constitutes a “demon wolf” and people have been naming their pets accordingly! Some say they’re based on legends from Native Americans while others attribute them as being symbols of nature’s power. Some say they are evil so we even made a list of evil wolf names for you to check out.

Whatever the origins may be, these interesting monikers should give you some inspiration if you need help picking out a clever name for your next tamed dog-wolf hybrid friend. Have any favorites?

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