List of 50+ Names That Mean ‘Wolf’: From Different Languages

Do you know names that mean ‘wolf’? You will after reading this post! There are over 50 names from different languages to choose from.

The names come from a variety of cultures and time periods. Some wolf names can be used as both boys and girls, but others are only male or female names. Check out the list below for some great ideas when looking for a name with meaning!

names that mean wolf

Here are the best names that mean ‘wolf’ for both males and females. We have included their meanings as well as their origins.

Male Names that mean ‘Wolf’

Lyall (Old Norse origin) that means “shield wolf.”
Rudi (Spanish origin) name meaning “famous wolf.”
Zeeb (Hebrew origin) name used to denote “male wolf.”
Acwulf (Old German origin) means “wolf from the oak meadows.”
Bardulf (Old English origin) meaning “bright wolf” and “ax-wielding wolf.”
Hemming (Old Norse origin) meaning “werewolf.”
Bardolph (English origin) name with the meaning “bright wolf.”
Honiahaka (American origin) is a beautiful that means “wolf”.
Faolan (Irish origin) meaning “little wolf.”
Ivailo (Bulgarian origin) name meaning “wolf.”
Adolphus (German origin) with the meaning “noble wolf.”
Radolph (Old English origin) name meaning “red wolf.”
Odwolf (German origin) name meaning “wealthy wolf.”
Lycus (Greek mythology) name of “son of Aegyptus”.
Chann (Irish origin) meaning “little wolf” or “young wolf.”
Gonzalo (Spanish origin) meaning “noble wolf.”
Eadwulf (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning “wealth,” is combined with Wulf.
Mingan (American origin) name with the meaning “grey wolf.”
Velvel (Yiddish origin) name for the “wolf”.
Phelan (Indian name) for “joyful little wolf.”
Male Names that mean 'Wolf'

Female Names that mean ‘Wolf’

Guadalupe (Arabic origin) meaning “wolf valley.”
Cathwulf (England origin) meaning “pure like a wolf.”
Ulva (German origin) name that means “wolf.”
Tala (Native American origin) word for “red wolf.”
Bighana (Indian origin) meaning “wolf.”
Due (Danish origin) meaning “wolf power.”
Lycaconia (Israel origin) meaning “she-wolf.”
Adalwulfa (German origin) name that means “noble she wolf.”
Randelle (German origin) name meaning “wolf shield.”
Adolpha (German origin) meaning “noble wolf.”
Ashina (Indian origin) for “female wolf.”
Faoiltiama (Irish origin) for the “wolf lady.”
Rollin (English origin) meaning “famous wolf.”
Rudee (German origin) means “famous wolf.”
Arnulfa (Spanish origin) means “eagle wolf”
Larentia (Latin origin) Latin word for “she-wolf.”
Adolfina (English origin) name with the meaning “noble wolf.”
Lupa (Latin origin) name that means “wolf.”
Warg (English origin) name from fiction with the meaning “wolf.”
Female Names that mean 'Wolf'

Unisex Names that mean ‘Wolf’

Beowulf (Anglo axon origin) name means “an intelligent wolf.”
Guadalupe (Spanish origin) name meaning “wolf valley”
Tikaani (Persian origin) name means “wolf warrior”.
Blevin (Welsh origin) means “wolf cub.”
Lyall (Scottish origin) surname meaning “wolf”
Beorhtwul (Dutch origin) name means “a bright wolf.”
Maiyun (Cheyenne origin) and means “wolf.”
Vrika (Sanskrit origin) name for a “male and female wolf”.
Daciana (Roman origin) name derived from Dacia, a region in Rome. It means “wolf.”
Agwang (African origin) name with the meaning “wolf”.
Arnou (French origin) unisex name meaning “eagle wolf.”
Bardou (English origin) means “bright wolf.”
Lupus (Latin origin) reminiscent of “wolf’s bite”.
Ull (German origin) name that refers to “wolf ruler.”
Unisex Names that mean 'Wolf'

These names meaning ‘wolf’ have been around for centuries and are still a popular choice today.

Wolves are feared but also admired in some cultures, which means that many people may want to associate themselves with this powerful animal.

This list of over 50 names from all over the world will give you plenty of ideas if you’re looking for something different or just need an idea for your next character’s moniker!

If none of these work out, try checking out our list of Japanese wolf names!

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