DIY Cat Fountain: A Purrfect Oasis for Your Feline Friend

diy cat fountain

As cat lovers, we know how important it is to keep our feline friends happy and healthy.

One often overlooked aspect of their well-being is hydration.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of DIY cat fountains—why settle for a regular water bowl when you can create a flowing oasis for your furry companion?

Join us as we explore the importance of hydration for cats, gather the necessary materials, embark on the crafting journey, share some tips, and cap it off with a refreshing conclusion.

The Importance of Hydration for Cats

While cats are known for their independent and low-maintenance nature, ensuring they stay hydrated is a crucial aspect of responsible pet care.

Adequate water intake plays a pivotal role in maintaining their overall health, impacting everything from the sheen of their coat to the proper functioning of vital organs.

Uncover the nuances of feline hydration and discover a solution that taps into their unique preferences.

Hydration for health

Cats, despite their self-sufficient demeanor, require a consistent intake of water for various health reasons.

Hydration supports kidney function, aids digestion, and contributes to a glossy and well-nourished coat.

Lack of proper hydration can lead to urinary tract issues and other health complications.

It’s essential to pay attention to this often-overlooked aspect of feline care.

The finicky drinker

Cats, by nature, can be picky drinkers.

Many are less inclined to consume still water, and factors such as location, bowl cleanliness, and even water temperature can influence their interest.

Recognizing and addressing these preferences is key to ensuring they get the hydration they need.

The allure of cat fountains

Introducing a cat fountain into your pet’s environment can be a game-changer.

The flowing water not only piques their curiosity but also serves as an enticing invitation to drink more.

The gentle movement captures their attention and aligns with their instinctual preference for running water.

Encouraging hydration

Beyond the mechanics of water intake, encouraging hydration becomes a proactive aspect of cat care.

Placing water bowls strategically, ensuring they are clean and fresh, and experimenting with different water sources can contribute to your cat’s willingness to drink more regularly. 


Materials and Tool

Now that we understand the ‘why,’ let’s get to the ‘how.’ Crafting a DIY cat fountain doesn’t require a Ph.D. in engineering.

Here’s a simple list of materials and tools to get you started:


  • A shallow container (non-toxic and cat-friendly):  Choose a container that is safe for your cat to drink from. It should be shallow to accommodate their preference for not getting their whiskers wet. 
  • Submersible water pump: The heart of your cat fountain, a submersible water pump, circulates and aerates the water. 
  • Plastic tubing: Connect the water pump to the container using plastic tubing. Make sure it is flexible, easy to cut, and appropriate for use with potable water.
  • A water-resistant basin or tray: To catch any splashes or spills, place your cat fountain on a water-resistant basin or tray. 
  • Decorative stones or marbles: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cat fountain by adding decorative stones or marbles to the container.
  • A drill with a hole saw attachment: A hole saw attachment for your drill is essential for creating an opening in the container for the tubing.


  • Screwdriver: A screwdriver is handy for securing the water pump in place and assembling any components that may require fastening.
  • Scissors: Use scissors to cut the plastic tubing to the desired length. Ensure a clean and straight cut for a secure connection.
  • Marker: Mark the spot on the container where you’ll create an opening for the tubing. This ensures precision during the drilling process.
  • Level: For stability, use a level to ensure that your cat fountain sits flat and even. This prevents unnecessary tilting or wobbling.

Step-by-Step Creating Your DIY Cat Fountain


Now that you have your materials and tools ready, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of creating your DIY cat fountain.

Follow these simple instructions to provide your feline friend with a personalized and engaging source of hydration.

Select your basin

Begin by choosing a shallow, cat-safe container as the foundation of your cat fountain.

This could be a ceramic bowl for a touch of elegance or a plastic storage bin for a more utilitarian look—whatever suits your aesthetic preference.

Ensure the chosen material is non-toxic and suitable for holding water.

Mark and drill

With your basin selected, use a marker to identify the spot where you want the water to flow.

This is typically near the center of the basin. Once marked, carefully drill a hole at this point.

Ensure that the hole is large enough for the plastic tubing to fit through securely.

Take your time to maintain precision during this crucial step.

Insert the tubing

Thread the plastic tubing through the hole you’ve drilled, leaving one end inside the basin and the other hanging outside.

The tubing serves as the conduit for water circulation. Ensure that the tubing is not kinked or bent, allowing for a smooth flow of water.

Position the water pump

Inside the basin, place the submersible water pump.

Position it in a way that allows water to circulate freely.

Secure the pump in place using a screwdriver if necessary. Ensure the pump is fully submerged in water to prevent damage and ensure proper functioning.

Create the flow 

Position the end of the tubing outside the basin, allowing the water to flow back in.

This step completes the water circulation loop, ensuring a continuous flow that captures your cat’s attention.

To achieve the desired water flow, gently adjust the tubing until you find the perfect balance. 


Fine-tune the tubing until you achieve the optimal water flow.

Experiment with different positions to ensure that the water cascades smoothly, creating an inviting and dynamic drinking experience for your feline companion.

Take your time to adjust until you’re satisfied with the result.


Tips for Freshness and Enjoyment

As you revel in the success of your DIY cat fountain, it’s essential to maintain a hygienic and enjoyable environment for your feline friend.

Let’s explore some practical tips to ensure the regular upkeep and optimal use of your newly crafted oasis.

Regular maintenance

Cats appreciate fresh water, so make it a habit to clean and refill your DIY fountain regularly.

Stagnant water can be unappealing and may deter your cat from staying adequately hydrated.

Aim to clean the basin, tubing, and pump at least once a week.

This simple routine not only promotes cleanliness but also ensures a continuous flow of enticing water for your cat.

Experiment with heights

Cats have unique preferences when it comes to water flow.

Some may prefer a gentle, subtle cascade, while others may enjoy a more pronounced and dynamic stream.

Experiment with different pump settings to discover what suits your cat’s taste.

Pay attention to their reactions and adjust the height accordingly to create an engaging and tailored drinking experience.

Placement matters

The location of your cat fountain plays a crucial role in encouraging exploration and drinking.

Position the fountain away from their litter box and feeding area to create a distinct and inviting space.

Cats appreciate variety, and a thoughtfully placed fountain can spark their curiosity, leading to increased interaction and hydration.

Observation and interaction

Take the time to observe your cat’s behavior around the fountain.

Some cats may need a bit of encouragement to embrace the new water source.

Gently guide them towards the fountain, and if needed, sprinkle some catnip near the water to entice them.

Positive reinforcement and interaction can go a long way in ensuring that your cat associates the fountain with a positive and enjoyable experience.



Crafting a DIY cat fountain is a journey of care and creativity, intertwining the practicality of hydration with the joy of crafting.

Beyond the tangible product, it becomes a conduit for expressing love and consideration for your cat’s well-being.

Embrace the simplicity of the process, revel in the shared enjoyment, and take pride in the tangible impact on your cat’s health and happiness.

Cheers to creating a space where your cat can thrive and revel in the simple pleasures of life.

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