10 DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas To Keep Your Cat Entertained

If you’re a crafty cat-lover looking for creative ways to keep your feline friend preoccupied, look no further than the humble DIY cat scratching post.

Not only does it provide much-needed entertainment and exercise for cats, but it also helps them to hone their natural instinctive behavior.

This way you can divert your cat’s mind away from your beloved furniture. Plus, you get the satisfaction of having created something with your own two hands—just for your beloved pet!

Ready to get started? Let’s explore the basics of building a DIY cat scratcher.

Why do cats like scratching posts so much?

Scratching provides cats with a variety of benefits, which is why they’re so fixated on them.

1) Stress Relief:

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as giving something a good scratch after a long day.

Cats aren’t exempt from feeling stressed out from time to time, and the act of stretching their bodies while scratching helps release some of that built-up tension.

2) Nail Care:

A good scratching post helps cats keep their nails in tip-top condition.

Regular scratching helps keep the claws from becoming overgrown by wearing them down, which is especially useful for indoor cats who don’t get to go outside and use natural surfaces like trees for this purpose.

3) Marking Territory:

Whenever cats scratch, they leave behind small scent glands which allow them to mark their territory.

This is especially true for outdoor cats, who will often find a scratching post in order to mark it as theirs and keep other cats away.

How to make scratching post for cats?

Building a scratching post for your cat will not only give them something to keep their claws sharp on but also provide them with an outlet for some much-needed playtime and exercise.

All you need is some basic materials and the know-how to take on this fun project.

Here are the basics of how to build a cat scratching post:

1. Start with a sturdy base, such as wood or cardboard. You can also use an old piece of furniture like an end table.

2. Attach sisal rope or fabric around the base firmly with staples or hot glue. Be sure to cover it completely so that any exposed areas are covered up nicely.

3. For added stability, attach carpeting or foam padding at the bottom of the post.

4. Finally, attach a scratch-prone material such as cardboard, jute, or sisal rope to the top of the post. Make sure it’s securely attached so your cat can’t pull it off!

You can check out these 10 cool ideas to make scratching posts for cats if you need some more inspiration.

10 DIY cat scratching post ideas

1. Cardboard Scratching Post


This DIY Cat Scratching Post is a fun project that benefits both your cat and your home. It’s a tall and attractive post that your cat will adore.

The scratching surface is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard, ensuring it lasts longer than other posts.

2. Pirate ship scratching post


Arrrr! Creating your own DIY pirate ship scratching post is a great way to bring out the inner artist in you!

Plus, it’s one of the most fun ways to give your cat something special. All you need are some basic supplies, and voila – you’ll have a beautiful masterpiece for your feline friend that will provide hours of entertainment!

3. Angled sisal rope cat scratcher


A slanted sisal rope scratcher is the perfect choice for cats that like to climb. The angled design makes it easier for cats to reach and dig their claws in, which increases the longevity of the scratching surface.

Plus, you can easily move it around or hang it up in a convenient spot so your kitty can get some well-deserved exercise.

4. Vertical Cat Scratcher


The good old vertical cat scratcher is still a great choice if you’re looking for something simple and affordable.

These posts are easy to make, take up minimal space, and can be placed anywhere in your home.

5. Scratching Post With Toys


For the cat owners who want to make a truly special gift for their beloved feline friend, why not build a scratching post with toys? You can also place DIY catnip toys to keep them entertained.

This DIY project is sure to keep your cat entertained and out of trouble. With just some cardboard, fabric, and a few fun trinkets, you can create something that your furball will love!

6. DIY Vase Scratching Post


Make your own DIY Vase Scratching Post and give your furry friend the perfect place to sharpen their claws.

With a few simple supplies, it’s easy and budget-friendly to make one of these stylish pieces that will last for years. Make sure the vase is heavy and sturdy.

7. DIY Catcus Scratching Post


This is a great way to repurpose pipes and give your cat an outlet to explore her environment.

Not only will it keep your furniture safe, but also help cats stay healthy as they express their natural desire to scratch and climb.

8. DIY Cat Scratcher With Carpet


If you want to save money and keep your cat’s claws sharp while giving them something fun to do, try making your own cat scratcher.

Instead of using sisal rope, you can use a carpet that you may already have at home.

9. Colorblocked Cat Scratching Post


The Colorblocked Cat Scratching Post is a fun activity for your cat’s clawing pleasure.

This wooden post is covered with colorful nylon rope, providing a perfect surface for your feline friend to sharpen its claws and meet other furry pals.

10. DIY Cat Scratching Pad


Utilizing readily available cardboard boxes lying around the house, this homemade scratching pad offers the same benefits as store-bought alternatives but at a fraction of the cost.

The textured cardboard rollers serve as the perfect surface for them to indulge in claw maintenance while enjoying a playful experience.


Your homemade DIY cat scratching post is sure to be a hit with your frisky feline friends! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of seeing your pet satisfied by something that you created.

You can also check out DIY cat window perch ideas that can go along with the scratching post.

Give yourself a pat on the back for making such an awesome addition to your family’s home and enjoy watching as your cats sharpen their claws in style. It’s truly purr-fectly done!

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