How Much Do Dog Allergy Tests And Veterinary Bills Cost


If you have suffered from allergies, you’ll know how troublesome and painful it is. The bad news is, your dog can suffer with allergies as well. 

There are many causes that can make your pet allergic, like, food, shampoo/soap, fleas, chemical contact, fabric, bacterial hypersensitivity, and more common cause is environmental allergies caused by grass, pollen, dust, mold, etc. 

Dogs are vulnerable to allergies, especially dogs. They often respond to allergies by scratching or biting to relieve the itching with skin-related symptoms. And in some cases, it can get worse, they can cough, sneeze or even vomit.

What is the cost of Veterinarians for pet allergies? 


Well, the cost of the veterinarian itself can vary depending on the location, dog breed, pet size and many others.

Veterinarians have their own calculation since veterinary clinics are businesses, they have to provide the best service for you and your beloved pet and also be profitable at the same time. 

And check your pet’s allergies can vary as well depending on what kind of treatments and testings that your dog needs. 

Pet allergy testing and estimated costs

As we mentioned above, there are several kinds of testing to check your pet’s allergies, and here is the testing that Veterinarian does to check your dog and the estimated cost.

  • Skin testing: Skin testing involves pricking your dog’s skin and checking whether the skin reacts to the injections. Skin testing can vary from clinic to clinic, but the average cost is about $200
  • Blood testing: blood testing is more common among veterinarians since it’s more convenient than skin testing. Though skin testing is more accurate and reliable than blood testing. The blood testing’s cost can vary, but on average is about $200 – $300.
  • Elimination diet: This testing involves pin down what your pet is allergic to by isolating ingredients in your dog’s diet. This test can be costly and time consuming, with hypoallergenic foods can cost you $28 – $66 for dry dog food, $15 – $55 for canned dog food, and $20 – $40 for dry or canned cat food. And you need to wait for 12 weeks to determine the potential result. 

Additional Cost

  • Exam fees: When you are scheduled with your veterinarian or specialist, make sure whether the exam fees are included. Some clinics included the exam fees with the cost of the testing, while others charge each one separately. The exam fee can range from $50 – $200 or more.
  • Sedation: for a skin allergy test, your dog needs to be sedated to keep them calm and relaxed while the injections. Just like the exam fees, some clinics included the sedation with skin testing, while others charge separately. The cost can vary depending on the type of sedative used and your pet size, and the average cost is $45 – $100
  • Treatments: the purpose of allergy testing is to formulate an allergy vaccine specifically for your dog. Some clinics included the cost with the average total cost from $600 – $1,100
  • Alternative therapy: some veterinarians recommend an alternative therapy like acupuncture. This treatment needs multiple visits and the cost can be set by the practitioner. 


When you decide to keep a pet, you need to realize it’s a huge responsibility. Keeping your pet healthy is a top priority and challenging task, while also can drain your money. 

All the costs listed above are only for allergy treatments, and there are many causes that will make you take your lovely pet visit the veterinarian.

For some dog parents, a dog visit can be difficult for their finances, that’s why having pet insurance would be a solution and the best option to prepare for any worst scenario that might happen in the future. 
There is so many pet insurance out there that provide a good service and offer for you, such as Embrace pet insurance or Lemonade pet insurance.

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