5 Best Dog Bunk Beds: Tips & Benefits to Choose For Your Dog


Introducing your pup to their very own dog bunk bed is the perfect way to show how much you care.

Not only will they have a comfortable and cozy place to snuggle up in, but it can also help reduce separation anxiety and ensure they always stay safe while they rest.

Dog bunk beds come in various styles and sizes to ensure something fits every pup’s needs.

From luxurious memory foam options to modern, elevated designs, these beds will look great in any home and provide your canine companion with the perfect place for rest and relaxation.

What are the benefits of dog bunk beds?


Dog bunk beds offer a variety of benefits for you and your pup. These includes:

Improved comfort

Dog bunk beds provide improved comfort for your pup by keeping them elevated off the ground.

This helps to keep them warm in cold weather and cool during hot summer months.

By being higher off the ground, they are also safe from drafts which can be uncomfortable for a pup with sensitive skin.

Additionally, many of these beds are made with memory foam that contours to their body, providing extra cushioning and support.

Space saving

Dog bunk beds are an excellent solution for those with limited space in their home.

They utilize vertical space which allows you to have multiple dogs sleeping in the same area while still keeping them separated.

This is especially helpful for homes with smaller floor space.

Additionally, this type of bed often comes with extra storage options, such as drawers or shelves, which can be used to store linens, toys, and other items.

Reduced separation anxiety

Having a dog bunk bed can help to reduce separation anxiety in your pup.

This type of bed is designed to provide security and comfort, which can help them feel safe and secure even when you’re away.

By giving them a cozy spot that’s just their own, they are less likely to become anxious when you leave them alone.

Additionally, many dog bunk beds come with a canopy or curtains, which can help to further reduce their anxiety and make them feel secure in their own little space.

Easy cleaning

Dog bunk beds are easy to keep clean and maintain.

Most of these beds have removable covers that can be taken off and washed.

This makes it much simpler to keep your pup’s bed clean from dirt and debris, as well as give them a fresh place to sleep each night.

Additionally, many beds come with waterproof materials that make cleaning up any messes or accidents even easier. With the right care, these beds are sure to last for years.

What are the recommended dog bunk beds?


There are many different types of dog bunk beds to choose from, so it’s important to find one that is best suited to your pup’s needs.

Some of the most popular and recommended options include:

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk Multi-Level Bed | Pet Stairs for High Beds and Couches | 3 Step System for Small Sized Dogs and Cats | Practical and Accommodating for Modern Homes (DOGF60)
  • KEEP YOUR PET CLOSE, BUT NOT TOO CLOSE: The Buddy Bunk allows your pet to sleep next to you without taking up the whole bed, giving you some space to enjoy. The carpeted steps safely help your pet reach the top bunk, which are held into place by durable and strong Velcro, making for easy cleanup when needed, simply detach and reattach. The removable, carpeted steps are perfect for older, smaller, or infirm dogs, such as those with hip dysplasia, making it easier for them to climb up onto standard sized beds
  • MULTIPULE LEVELS FOR CONVENIENCE: The Buddy Bunk features 2 resting spaces: one on top and the other on bottom. In addition to giving your pet a choice of where they’d like to rest, having 2 spaces grants more freedom for 2 pets who may wish to sleep separately and have their own space. Furthermore, it has great versatility as you can even use the bottom area for extra storage space.
  • YOU CHOOSE THE SIDE THAT FACES YOUR BED: The Buddy Bunk is extremely versatile as the safety bolsters can be positioned on either side of the bed. This multifaceted feature prevents your pet from falling off the top bunk, along with allowing you the option of placing the Buddy Bunk to the right, left, or front side of any bed. Owners and pets alike will love the adaptability of being able to change positions when it is needed.
  • BEAUTIFUL, MODERN, AND PRACTICAL: This new age plush bunk bed elevates any bedroom taking on a modern design with a twist. With a cream-colored cushion and a polished espresso finish, the Buddy Bunk will blend seamlessly with your home décor, and works great next to beds, couches, chairs, and more. Perfect bedside lounger for small to medium sized dogs and cats.
  • MEASUREMENTS: The overall measurements are 20” (Width) x 43.75” (Length) x 29” (Height). The piece with both resting spaces is 20” (Width) x 28” (Length) x 29 (Height). The steps are together and measure 20” (Width) x 15.75” (Length), and have a 8” rise in Height per each step. Please see included pictures.

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk is a great option for those looking for an elevated and comfortable dog bunk bed.

This stylish bed comes with two separate sleeping areas, perfect for multiple pups or siblings.

It features a durable steel frame that is powder coated to help prevent rusting and scratching, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Additionally, the bed is made with a memory foam mattress for added comfort and cushioning.

Unipaws Pet Bunk Bed

unipaws Pet Bunk Bed with Removable Step for Dogs and Cats, Multi-Level Bed Window Perch Seat Platform with Cushion and Cat Scratch Pad, Indoor Use
  • SMART MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The Bunk Bed features a top sleeping space for dogs with a comfortable cushion and a bottom with a cat scratch pad for your kitty cats to relax, allowing for up to two pets to use the bunk at once.
  • REMOVABLE 3 STEP PET STAIR: You could serve as a separate dog step system, give the perfect boost for pets that need it, and is good for older, smaller, or infirm dogs, such as those with hip dysplasia, making it easier for them to climb up. The pet steps are covered with textured carpet to prevent paws from slipping off, provide added comfort and safety for your dog.
  • PROMOTES INTERACTION & REDUCES PET ANXIETY: Great at the end of or next to your bed without taking up any of your space. A good idea to put it by a window providing the environmental enrichment your pet needs, it will satisfy their curiosity and stay by your sides quietly.
  • DURABLE & STURDY: Build with strong and durable pressed wood to provide a sturdy structure. Ideal for small or medium dogs and cats, easily to support up to 100 pounds.
  • BEAUTIFUL & MODERN DESIGN: Furniture style design gives this pet window perch a native feel that blends in any room in the house. Stunning wood perfect matches most decors, works great next to beds, couches, chairs, and more.

Unipaws Pet Bunk Bed is a great option for those looking to provide their pup with a cozy and secure sleeping area.

This bed comes with two separate compartments, allowing you to keep multiple pets together while still giving them their own space.

It also features an elevated design that helps to keep your pup off the ground, which can help in hot or cold weather.

The bed also comes with a soft removable cover that can be easily washed when needed. Additionally, the frame is made with sturdy wood that ensures stability and durability.

JCQIGOA Dog Bunk Wooden Bed

JCQIGOA Cat Dog Bunk Wooden Bed for Small Medium Pet Wood Frame Beds with Steps Double Buddy Dogs Stairs for Bed Waterproof Indestructible Removable Washable
  • ELEVATED DOG BUNK BEDS: This small bed for dogs is also raised dog upper/top bunk bed allowing air to circulate and keeps pets off wet/cold ground with 4" ground clearance. It's also suitable for cats, arrange your dog and cat indoor. To complete the mid-century modern look and feel, The small wooden block in the middle of the bottom of this pet bed provide both style and stability.
  • PINE WOODEN BED: This double dog bed made with solid pine wooden that brings a sleek and exotic look to your space. dog bed with steps design made your purchase more worth it. This hardwood platform is naturally durable and will not darken over time. Acacia wood is perfect as a solid, heavy duty frame dog bed that resists wear and tear.
  • BEST CHOICE FOR SMALL & MEDIUM DOGS - Max.28" long and Max.20" wide can accommodate most medium dogs, bearing capacity: 80lbs. With a height of 5.5" and the wooden stair, small-sized dogs can easily jump up to this dog bed and have a rest. Available in 3 convenient sizes (L/M/S) This dog beds for multiple dogs can meet your need, offer the perfect cat bed or dog bed for your home. Your pet can sprawl and lounge the day in maximum comfort.
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: This sturdy bed frame can be assembled in just a few time. please note that we have not print assembly instruction; we will send out the assembly video when the bed reach you. you can also check the listing details for assembly, it's really easy to assembly.
  • DIY OCCATION: This dog upper/top bunk bed is Ideal for Christmas party, Birthday decoration, Valentines day, Thanksgiving day, Easter, Photo props, any style you prefer and etc. It’s the time with you and your pet, Come DIY your Lovely pet bed! Please note that this dog bunk bed come without any mattress. the bed with mattress phote is just for a decoration ideal reference.

JCQIGOA Dog Bunk Wooden Bed is a great option for those looking for a stylish and durable dog bunk bed.

This bed is made with solid pine wood that is both strong and resilient, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The bed comes with two separate sleeping compartments, both of which are lined with a soft cushion that provides extra comfort and support.

Additionally, it features a waterproof cover that is easy to remove and wash when needed.

It also has an elevated design that keeps your pup off the ground which can be beneficial in all kinds of weather.

Cyclysio Dog Bunk Bed

Cyclysio Pet Window Perch with Stairs, Super Large Pet Bunk Bed for Dogs and Cats, Multi-Level Pet Seat Platform with Mats, Pet Bed Couch with Drawers for Bedside, Home, Indoor Use, Large Size, Rustic
  • 🐾 Removable Pet Window Perch - Cyclysio large pet window perch is great as a window seat, just put it beside or in front of a window, and your lovely pet will have a chance to enjoy the sunshine and the view outside the window all day. No more worries they will feel lonely when you are not at home. The height for the large size is 28.15 inches.
  • 🐾 Large Pet Bunk Bed - Buddy bunk pet bed is great at the next or end of your bed without taking up any of your space. This pet bunk bed is 28 Inches tall and is a similar height to your bed, so your pet thinks she is still sleeping with you. You can use it as a dog bunk bed or a cat bunk bed.
  • 🐾 Large Space with a Storage Drawer - The space underneath the bed is large too, so your dogs and cats can play together. The top bed space is 21.65*21.65 inches, providing a safe and large space to lie down and rest. It can hold up to 250 lbs. The drawer underneath the stair is large too, you can install your pet's toys and food too.
  • 🐾 Heavy and Sturdy Quality - This rustic cat window perch is heavy-duty and good material, it will come together with 3pcs adhesive carpet pads, and when your pet is playing or sleeping on the stair or top, they will never slide.
  • 🐾 NOTE: Cyclysio offers a good after-sales service for you. if you experience any trouble with this pet window perch when installing it or receive damaged items, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support for help first. We are always here all the time.

Cyclysio Dog Bunk Bed is a great option for those looking to provide their pup with a secure and comfortable spot to sleep.

This bed comes with two separate sleeping areas, both of which are fitted with soft cushions that provide extra comfort and support.

The bed also features an elevated design that helps to keep your pup off the floor, which can help in cold or hot weather.

Hollypet Dog Bunk Bed

Hollypet Pet Bunk Bed for Small Medium Dogs and Cats, Raised Perch Wood & Iron Pet Furniture, Double Buddy Dog Houses with Stairs Balcony, Brown
  • 【Elevated Bunk Dog Bed】2-layer wooden pet dog house, including an indoor lounge area, climbable stairs, and a rooftop balcony with a railing, offers your pet enough space and allows your dog to play, relax, sunbathe, sleep and fully enjoy their outdoor activities.
  • 【For All Small Medium Pets】41.3"L x 24.4"W x 31.8"H,accommodate most small medium dogs and cats, bearing capacity: 110lbs. With each floor wooden stair 5.5"H x 10"L, small-sized dogs also can easily jump up to this dog bed and have a rest.
  • 【Designed for Your Pets】A raised bottom keeps the wooden kennel warm, dry, and comfortable; The fences on the balcony can prevent your pets from accidentally falling; A cushion(Not included) is suggested to offer extra comfort.
  • 【Sturdy Iron & Wood Construction】 Made of iron and wood frame, our pet dog house provide you with long lasting using experience. With sturdy side stairs and adorable balcony bed, your pet will surely love it and have a good rest on it.
  • 【Easy Assembly & Customer Service】The detailed assembly instructions, all tools and parts are included in firm package. You can put it together effortlessly and quickly. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems about our item or any issues during your purchase, we will respond you within 24 hours.

The Hollypet Dog Bunk Bed is an ideal option for those looking to provide their pup with a stylish and comfortable sleeping area.

This bed comes with two separate compartments, perfect for multiple pets or siblings.

It features a strong steel frame that is coated with a powder finish, making it both durable and weatherproof.

Additionally, the bed comes with a soft removable cover that can be washed when needed and is filled with thick padding for added comfort and cushioning.

The elevated design also helps to keep your pup off the ground, which can be beneficial in all kinds of weather conditions.

Tips for choosing the right dog bunk bed


When it comes to choosing the right dog bunk bed for your pup, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Consider your pup’s size and weight

When selecting a dog bunk bed, it is important to consider the size and weight of your pup.

It is best to get a bed that is big enough for your pup to fit in comfortably and also one that can support their weight.

You may also want to look for beds with adjustable sides or dividers so you can adjust the size if needed.

Think about weather conditions

When choosing a dog bunk bed, it is important to consider the climate and weather conditions where you live.

If you live in a hot climate, look for beds with an elevated design that will help to keep your pup off the ground and provide them with better air circulation.

On the other hand, if you live in a cold climate, look for a bed with thick padding or insulation to help keep them warm.

Look for a durable frame

It is important to look for a dog bunk bed with a sturdy and durable frame that can handle regular use.

Look for beds made with strong materials like steel or wood, as these will be able to withstand more wear and tear than other materials.

Additionally, make sure the frame is coated in a weatherproof material so that it won’t be affected by the elements.

Check for a removable cover

When selecting a dog bunk bed, make sure to check if it has a removable and washable cover.

This is important so you can easily clean your pup’s bed when needed.

Look for beds with covers that are made of soft materials like cotton or fleece, as these will be the most comfortable for your pup.

Additionally, check to make sure the cover fits securely around the frame so it won’t slide off.



When it comes to choosing the right dog bunk bed for your pup, there are several important factors to consider.

Be sure to take into account your pup’s size and weight, as well as the weather conditions of your area.

Look for a bed with a sturdy frame that is coated in a weatherproof material and make sure it has a removable and washable cover.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to find the perfect dog bunk bed for your pup that is both comfortable and weather-resistant.

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