Over 70 Names Meaning ‘Dog’ From Other Languages

Looking for the perfect dog name that captures your pup’s personality?

Check out this list of over 70 dog names meaning dog from other languages!

Whether you’re looking for a unique name or something more traditional, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to find the perfect name for your furry friend!

names meaning 'dog'

Here are the best names that mean ‘dog’ from other languages. You’ll get to learn how to say ‘dog’ in these languages too!

Names Meaning Dog From Other languages

Ci Welsh
Madra Irish (check our list of Irish dog names)
Pas Serbian
Kare Hausa
Chu cho Vietnamese
Inja Zulu
Amboa Malagasy
Kutra Marathi
Imbwa Kinyarwanda
Kalb Arabic
Kutta Hindi
Pies Polish
Skylos Greek
Caine Romanian
Nokhoi Mongolian
Sag Tajik
Portuguese (female)
Cagna Italian
Kuta Punjabi
Naya Malayalam
Eey Somali
Kopek Turkish
Canis Latin
Dzaghli Georgian
Chien/Chienne French
Gae Korean
Hundur Icelandic
Pes Czech
Aso Filipino (check our list of Filipino dog names)
Seh Kurdish
Hma Thai
Shun Armenian
Nayi Kannada
Names Meaning Dog From Other languages
Spanish (male)
Cane Corsican
Portuguese (male)
Hun Frisian
Balla Sinhala
Kutaro Gujarati
Kuce Macedonian
Can Galician
Inu Japanese
Wisha Amharic
Suns Latvian
Kuyta Hungarian
Spanish (female)
Suo Lithunian
Galu Chichewa
Kuri Maori
Ma Lao
Qen Albanian
Kukura Bengali
Kukura Nepali
Gou Chinese
Kuche Bulgarian
Sabaka Belarusian
Koer Estonian
Gos Catalan
Aja Yoruba
Nkita Igbo
Ilio Hawaiian (check our list of Hawaiian dog names)
Nay Tamil
Iro Cebuano
Kelb Maltese
Maile Samoan
Koira Finnish
Names Meaning Dog From Other languages 2

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of dog names meaning ‘dog.’ If you have a pup at home and are looking for the perfect name to fit their personality, one of these might be just right.

And if you are still on the hunt for good dog names, maybe one of these options from our list of dog names with meanings will inspire you!

Remember, it’s not only about what sounds good – make sure to pick a name that suits your furry friend’s character.

Now go forth and choose wisely – after all, your dog is worthy!

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