100+ Dog Names Meaning Loyal For Your Male And Female Dogs


Dogs are man’s best friend due to their loyalty and devoted character to their owner. They also are lovely pets that can get along with children. 

If you just adopted a dog, and looked for the perfect names for him/her, why don’t you just pick a name based on their “loyal” character. 

Dog’s loyalty is an amazing thing, he will be there for you in whatever situation you are, and stand beside you through hardship. 

So here are the perfect names for your pooch that means “loyal”.

Male Dog Names Meanigs Loyal

Names Meanings
Enid Welsh name meaning “faithful”
Reima Finnish origin, means protector
Nobou Japanese origin, means loyal
Zong Chinese name that means loyal
Hachiko After the famous dog known for his loyalty to his owner
Ettore Italian name meaning “loyal”
Hector Greek origin, means protector
Elden English name that means protector
Argos The name of Odysseus’ faithful dog in Homer’s “Odyssey”
Alex Alexander and of Greek origin, means protector
Akram Chinese name meaning noble
Constantine Means “steadfast” in Latin
Dylan Jewish name that means loyal and faithful
Cale Hebrew name meaning “faithful”
Ale from Alejandro, means protector
Festus Latin name meaning “steadfast”
Verrill French name meaning “faithful, true”
Kalil Arabic name meaning “loyal friend”
Emin Turkish name that means reliable
Thuy Vietnamese name meaning “friendship and loyalty”
Dhruv Means “faithful, constant” in Sanskrit
Wafi Means “loyal, trustworthy” in Arabic
Nao Japanese name that means ‘of good heart’
Takao Japanese origin, means loyal
Aladdin Arabic name meaning “faithful”
Dilys Welsh name meaning “true, steadfast”
Momina Muslim name meaning “faithful”
Besnik Means “faithful” in Albanian
Baru Sanskrit origin, means noble and loyal
Tadao Japanese origin, means good and loyal
Fidelity Means “faithfulness to a person, belief or cause”
Etzel German name meaning noble and honorable
Ria Japanese origin, meaning reliable
Cal French name meaning “devotion”
Kelvin Celtic name meaning reliable
Constance Latin name meaning “constant, faithful”
Luxman Indian name meaning “loyal”
Kelept Polynesian name meaning “faithful”
Alister Greek origin, means defender of humanity.
Bes Egyptian god who scared away spirits, representing protection.
Veradis Latin name meaning “true”
Sergio Latin origin, means protector.
Tadashi Japanese name meaning “loyal, true”
Duarte a Portuguese name that means guardian
Abrich comes from Friesland (Netherlands) and means noble
Werner German name meaning protector.
Abba Hebrew name that refers to ‘one who is loyal to his friends’
Leal a Hispanic name, ideal for a faithful dog!
Edu Eduardo, which means protector.
Fido Means “faithful” in Latin
Fidel Latin name meaning reliable, trustworthy.
Amnon Means “faithful” in Hebrew
Rasmi Arab origin, means loyal.
Adar Kurdish origin, means noble and loyal.
Dillon Gaelic name meaning “faithful”
Rabten Tibetan name meaning “faithful, steadfast”
Sadiki Egyptian name meaning “faithful”
Caleb Hebrew name meaning faithful
Nkechi Nigerian name meaning “loyal”
Iman Muslim name meaning “faith”
Amin Arabic name meaning “faithful, trustworthy”
Barek Arab origin, means noble.
Jack from the name Jacobo, a Hebrew name that means loyal.
Athal German origin, means noble.
Hamza Arabic name meaning “steadfast”
Waren German name meaning “loyal”
A character in Greek legend known for being a loyal friend to Pythias
Faith Means “complete trust or confidence” in someone

Female Dog Names Meanings Loyal

Female Meanings
Alicia Greek origin, means protective
Themba African name that means trust
Truman English name meaning “loyal one”
Penelope The faithful wife of Odysseus in Homer’s “Odyssey”
Nagina Hebrew name meaning noble
Setsuko Japanese name meaning “child of faithfulness”
Ivy English name meaning “faithfulness”
Vilma Germanic name that means protective.
Helga Scandinavian name meaning “faithful”
Iselda German name meaning “she who remains faithful”
from Valentina, Latin name that means loyal and brave.
Conni Irish name meaning “steadfast, constant”
Amina Arabic name meaning “faithful”
Zhen Chinese name meaning “loyal, chaste”
Mimi Means “faithful guard” in French
Olesia Polish name that means guardian.
Means “truth, friend” in Hebrew; also means “boundless” in Sanskrit
Delma German name that means protective.
Emunah Hebrew name meaning “faith”
Nakia Arabic name meaning “faithful”
Amista Means “loyalty” in Chamorro
Fidella Means “faithful” in Latin
Fiya Diminutive of “Waffiyah”, which means “faithful, loyal”
Etel German name meaning faithful friend.
Kostya Russian name meaning “loyal; steadfast”
Leala French name meaning “faithful”
Misao Means “fidelity” in Japanese
Jeong Means “virtuous, loyal” in Korean
Amana Means “faithful” in Hebrew
Penelope comes from Greek mythology and represents loyalty.
Aiza of Arab origin, means noble.
Arminda of Latin origin and means protector.
Yoriko Japanese name that means reliable.
of Sanskrit origin, means noble. It is also the name of one of the characters in Game of Thrones, characterized by its courage and loyalty.
Japanese name that refers to a dog famous for waiting for its owner for years.
Sasha Greek name that means protective.
Ammia Egyptian name that means reliable.
Amina of Arab origin, means loyal.
Shraddha Indian name meaning “faithful”
Adina of Hebrew origin, means noble.

Those are all the dog names meaning loyal ideas. If you discovered your loyal dog name above, congratulations.

But, if you are still looking for more meaningful dog names, we still have dog name meanings that are worth visiting.

you also need to know what kind of dog breeds that are the most loyal that you can own.

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