80+ Dog Names Meaning Strong – Tough Dog Name Ideas


Some dog breeds are known for their strength and have muscular bodies like Mastiff, German Shepherd, etc. 

If you own any kind of dog breeds, it might probably be better to name him/her with a name that means strong. But if your dog breeds are small and don’t have muscular bodies, doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t suit a name that means strong since the word “strong” itself not only for muscular bodies but also characters. 

So, here we’ve compiled all the best dog names meaning strong to make it easier for you to choose the perfect name for your dog.

Male Dog Names Meaning Strong

Male dog names meaning strong Origins Meanings
Hagan Teutonic Strong Defender
Isa German Strong-Willed
Balin Sanskrit Powerful, strong
Conley Irish Strong-Willed
Bat Mongolian Strong
Tetsu Japanese Strong as iron
Kahlan Anglo-Saxon Gentle strength
Mildred Anglo-Saxon Gentle strength
Brian Gaelic
Noble, strong, virtuous
Ethan Hebrew Strong, firm
Kalmin Scandinavian Manly, strong
Archard German Strong
Dixie English Strong power
Maiti Irish
Strong battle maiden
Jedrek Polish Strong man
Eberhard German Strong boar
Jaiyana Arabic Strength
Neron Spanish Strong
Ellard German
Noble and strong
Ekon African Strong
Daric Gaelic
Strong, oak-hearted
Hartman English Strong, hardy
Everett German
Strong as a wild boar
Braun German Strong One
Garrison German Strong
Takeo Japanese
Warrior, strong like bamboo
Badu African
One who is strong
Griffin Welsh Strong lord
Leonard German
Strong as the lion
Richard French Strong power
Magnar Norwegian Strong
Liam Irish
Strong-willed warrio
Boris Russian Fighter
Ricky French Strong power
Gertrude German
Spear of strength
Andrei Russian Strong, manly
Valentino Italian Healthy, strong
Ajax Greek
A strong warrior who led the Greeks in the Trojan War
Maude Old German Mighty battler
Willard German
Will, desire + hardy, brave, strong
Aaron Hebrew
Mountain of strength
Angus Gaelic One vigor
Wyatt English
Brave, strong, or hardy war
Lun Irish Strong power
Diesel American
Diesel engine attributes like fast and strong
Farris English Iron strong
Makin Arabic Strong
Oscar Hebrew Divine strength
Kari French Strong
Remo Greek The strong one
Bernard German Strong as a bear
Callan Gaelic Battle, rock

Get the full list of tough and strong male dog names

Female Dog Names Meaning Strong

Female dog names meaning strong Origins Meanings
Nike Greek
Goddess of strength and speed in Greek mythology
Alcina Greek Strong-willed
Lenna English
Strength of a lion
Amari African Strength
Asmita Sanskrit Strong as a rock
Megan Anglo-Saxon Strong, capable
Filomena Greek
Friend of strength
Asmita Sanskrit Strong as a rock
Breanna Gaelic
Noble, strong, virtuous
Valerie French Strength
Adira Anglo-Saxon Strong, noble
Etana Hebrew Strong
Gavrilla Hebrew Strong
Everett Anglo-Saxon Strong
Valentina Latin Healthy, strong
Karleen Old German
Womanly strengt
Hilda German
Battle ready, battle stronghold, or battle woman
Matilda German
Strength in battle
Melisande German Strong work
Valencia Latin
Healthy and strong
Valerie Latin
To be healthy, strong
Valeska Latin
To be healthy, strong
Wilhelmina German Strong fighter
Ebba German
Strength of an animal
Nina Native American Strong
Karla French Strong
Briana Celtic Strong
Audrey English Noble strength
Tilda German Strong in battle
Gesa Dutch
Strength of a spear
Kaori Japanese Strong

All those name ideas sound tough, aren’t they?

Strong names are not just for males,  there are lots of strong female dog names too. You can get the ideas on our strong female dog names.

Well, if you are looking for more dog names that have perfect meaning, we still have tons of ideas you can get on our dog name meanings.

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