Ultimate Guide: Everything About Dog Pregnancy Test

Dog pregnancy test

Determining whether a dog is pregnant is a significant consideration for canine owners and breeders alike.

While physical and behavioral changes can give a few signs, a dog pregnancy test offers a more reliable confirmation.

In this article, we will explore the indications of dog pregnancy, discuss the types of pregnancy tests available, guide you through the most common way of performing a home pregnancy test, and give fundamental information to focus and caring for a pregnant canine.

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Pregnancy

Pregnancy in dogs can be hard to identify, however, there are a few signs and symptoms that show a dog might be pregnant.

The most well-known indication of pregnancy are:

Physical changes

During pregnancy, dogs might encounter physical changes, like enlarged nipples, weight gain, and a distended abdomen.

Nonetheless, these progressions can also happen because of different variables, so they should be monitored alongside different signs.

Behavioral changes

Behavioral changes in pregnant dogs may include nesting behavior, increased affection, decreased appetite, and changes in energy levels.

These changes can vary among individual dogs.


When to Perform a Dog Pregnancy Test

A dog pregnancy test can provide a reliable confirmation of pregnancy and is typically recommended when physical and behavioral signs are present.

Timing considerations

It is essential to consider the gestation period of dogs, which is approximately 63 days. Performing a pregnancy test too early may yield inaccurate results.

Confirming suspicions

If you suspect that your dog is pregnant based on physical and behavioral changes, it is recommended to perform a pregnancy test to confirm your suspicions and prepare for the upcoming responsibilities.

Types of Dog Pregnancy Tests

There are two primary types of dog pregnancy tests available. These include:

Home pregnancy test kits

Home pregnancy test kits designed for dogs are available in the market.

These packs identify the presence of a hormone called relaxin, which is produced during pregnancy.

They offer a convenient and affordable for dog owners.

Veterinary diagnosis

Looking for a veterinary diagnosis is one more dependable method for deciding whether a dog is pregnant.

Veterinarians can perform a physical examination, ultrasound, or blood test to confirm pregnancy.

How to Perform a Home Pregnancy Test for Dogs

A home pregnancy test for dogs is a safe and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Gathering the necessary supplies

To perform a home pregnancy test for dogs, you will require a dog pregnancy test kit, gloves, clean containers, and clear directions provided with the pack.

Step-by-step procedure

The particular advances might differ depending on the test pack, so it is critical to follow the directions carefully.

Generally, the procedure includes collecting a urine sample from the dog and utilizing the unit to detect the presence of the relaxin hormone.


Interpreting the Results

The results of a home pregnancy test for dogs can be interpreted in two ways: positive and negative.

Positive result

A positive result indicates that the dog is pregnant. It is important to consult with a veterinarian to confirm the pregnancy and discuss appropriate care and preparations.

Negative result

A negative result suggests that the dog is not pregnant.

However, if suspicions persist, or if the dog’s behavior and physical changes continue, it is advisable to seek veterinary advice for further evaluation.

Seeking Veterinary Confirmation

If you receive a positive result from a home pregnancy test for your dog, it’s vital to promptly schedule a visit to the veterinarian for confirmation.

While these tests can offer initial insights into pregnancy, a professional evaluation by the veterinarian is essential for accurate diagnosis and appropriate prenatal care.

Veterinarians possess the expertise to conduct further tests, such as ultrasounds or blood tests, which provide a comprehensive assessment of the dog’s pregnancy progress.

These additional tests assist with estimating the number of pups and deal with significant guidance for guaranteeing the dog’s well-being and health all through the pregnancy journey.

By looking for veterinary consideration, we show our commitment to giving the most ideal care to our dearest canine companions during this special time in their life.

Recommended Dog Pregnancy Test Products

Here are some recommended dog pregnancy test products available in the market:

Dog Pregnancy Test for Breeders

Dog Pregnancy Test for Breeders - Accurate Results and Clear Instructions - Blood Test with Additional Requirements, Check Product Details Before Purchase - at Home Canine Pregnancy Test Kit - 2-Pack
  • Additional Requirements - like a progesterone test for dogs, this requires collecting a small blood sample and then spinning it in a centrifuge. Centrifuge and needle/syringe (for collecting blood sample) are not included
  • Skip the Trip to the Vet - save money, time, and energy with this dog pregnancy test kit at home, a game-changing addition to your dog breeding supplies
  • Reliable Early Results - accurately detects whether a dog is pregnant as early as 25 days after breeding, letting you know if it’s time to prepare a whelping kit for puppies birth
  • Simple and Straightforward - clear step-by-step instructions are included and results are easy to interpret with this dog pregnancy kit
  • Serious Value - 2 tests are included so you can save the extra one for next time or retest to confirm the result. Much more affordable than an ultrasound machine for dogs!

Dog Pregnancy Test for Breeders is a reliable and easy-to-use kit to confirm canine pregnancy.

This kit contains like a progesterone test for dogs, this requires collecting a small blood sample and then spinning it in a centrifuge.

With this kit, breeders can efficiently identify pregnant dogs early on, allowing them to provide appropriate care for the mom and her puppies during the gestation period.

One Step Pet Urine Test Strips

One Step Pet Urine Testing Strips, 100 x Urinalysis Parameter Tests for Dogs, Cats, Vets & Animals. Accurate Testing for Veterinarians Detects UTI, Diabetes, Bladder, Kidney, Liver, SG, pH, Glucose
  • One Step 10 parameter urine test strips, test your pet’s level of Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketones, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, and Nitrite in urine. Each bottle contains 100 test strips. The test results will help provide necessary information regarding the status of your pet’s health
  • Simple Sample Collection: Collect some urine in a sterile cup or stick directly in the urine stream if your dog or cat is amenable. Dip one of the strips in the urine for 2 seconds, then dab excess liquid on paper towel. After dipping the strip in urine specimen, wait for appropriate time. The results can be read manually via color chart included in the pack
  • Reliable Pet Health Test: Our pet urine reagent strips are the perfect tool to help alert you to possible health issues with your dog or cat. They will help you to quickly and easily check parameters such as glucose, ketones, leukocytes which are critical health indicators for conditions such as; diabetes, UTI or bladder infections in your pets. The One Step test strips are designed for use solely on pets and not humans. Each test parameter is aligned for use in pet urine.
  • Simple, Easy and Accurate: Results in 60 - 120 Seconds. Very easy to read and understand. Our tests will test your dog or cat for the early signs of infections and offer visual measurements of glucose to help you to monitor your pet’s health quickly without the need to have to frequently go to the Vet for labs.
  • Four languages, English, French, German or Spanish (instructions in English)

One Step Pet Urine Test Strips is a useful and convenient product for canine pregnancy testing.

This kit contains urine test strips that detect the presence of relaxin hormone, an indicator of pregnancy. It is easy to use and results are available in just 2 minutes.

With this product breeders can quickly get accurate information about their dog’s pregnancy status, allowing them to provide appropriate care early on.

Dog Pregnancy Test Kit at Home

WEEGEEKS Dog Pregnancy Test Kit at Home, White, Fast and Accurate Detection, Pregnancy Tests Strip for Dog Disposable Pet Clinic Equipment
  • 【Fast and accurate detection】The result can be obtained within 15 minutes. Easy to use, you can complete the test at home alone without taking your pet to the hospital
  • 【Safe Packaging】Each set of equipment is individually sealed and packaged, and has been disinfected, so it can be used safely and cleanly.
  • 【Storage And Stability】 The kit should be stored at room temperature (2-30°C). The test kit is stable through to the expiration date (18 months) on the package. It cannot be stored frozen. Open the sealed aluminum foil bag before use, and use it within 1 hour after opening the original packaging.
  • 【Purchase Notice】Since each dog has a different physique, it is necessary to pass a second test to determine whether it is really pregnant. It is recommended to purchase two or more sets of test strips for testing. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please send an email to ask in time.

Dog Pregnancy Test Kit at Home is a reliable and easy-to-use kit that allows dog owners to test for pregnancy in the convenience of their own homes.

This kit contains a needle/syringe set for collecting a blood sample.

This product is excellent for early detection of pregnancy in dogs, allowing owners to provide proper prenatal care.

Additionally, this kit set of equipment is individually sealed and packaged and has been disinfected.

Pet Dog Pregnancy Pregnant Test Paper Strip

商品图片 Pet Dog Pregnancy Pregnant Test Paper Strip,Fast and Accurate Detection Includes All Required Accessories,for Dog Cat Veterinaria Disposable Pet Clinic Equipment (2PCS)
  • Simple use: contains all the required accessories and instructions for use, you can complete the test at home alone without taking your pet to the hospital

Pet Dog Pregnancy Pregnant Test Paper Strip is a reliable and convenient product for confirming canine pregnancy.

This kit contains test strips that detect the presence of relaxin hormone, an indicator of pregnancy in dogs.

It is easy to use and results are obtained within 15 minutes.

With this product, owners can quickly and accurately determine their dog’s pregnancy status, allowing them to provide appropriate care early on.

Additionally, the strips are individually wrapped for maximum hygiene and safety.


Being able to determine if a dog is pregnant through a dog pregnancy test can provide valuable clarity and enable us to offer appropriate care and preparation.

Recognizing the signs of dog pregnancy, ensuring the test is conducted accurately, and seeking professional confirmation from a veterinarian are vital steps to safeguard the well-being of both the dog and her potential puppies.

With this knowledge, we can provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy journey for our furry friend.


Can a dog’s pregnancy be detected through physical examination alone?

A physical examination can provide some indications of pregnancy, but a dog pregnancy test or veterinary diagnosis is required for confirmation.

How soon can you test a dog for pregnancy?

It is advisable to wait at least 25 to 30 days after mating before performing a dog pregnancy test to increase accuracy.

Do all dogs show typical signs of pregnancy?

Not all dogs display the same signs of pregnancy. Some may exhibit fewer or different symptoms, making a pregnancy test important for confirmation.

Should I spay my dog if she is pregnant?

If your dog is confirmed to be pregnant and you do not intend to breed, consult with a veterinarian to discuss the best course of action, which may include spaying.

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