4 Reasons Why Do Dogs Jump Up on You And How to Stop It

why do dogs jump up on you

Dogs jumping up on people is a behavior that is seen in many households.

While this may seem like an adorable and harmless display of affection, it can be dangerous for both the dog and the person if not handled properly.

There are a variety of reasons dogs jump up on people, from natural instinct to seeking attention or even just excitement.

Understanding why dogs engage in this behavior can help us better address it and teach our furry friends the proper way to show affection.

In this article, we will explore the different reasons why dogs jump up on people.

What does it mean when a dog jumps up on you?


There are a variety of explanations for why dogs jump up on people. These include:

Natural instinct

It is believed that dogs have an innate instinct to jump up on people as a way to protect them and defend their territory.

In the wild, dogs would leap up to ward off potential predators, and this behavior has been passed down through generations of domesticated animals.

Dogs may also jump on people in order to assert their dominance or show you they are in charge.

Although this behavior is not necessarily aggressive, if it is not managed properly, it can lead to more serious issues.

Seeking attention

Jumping up on people is often a way for dogs to get the attention they crave from their owners or other people.

Dogs may jump up out of excitement as a way to say hello and let you know they are happy to see you.

Other times, dogs may be jumping in order to get a pat on the head or even some food.

Although this behavior is often innocent enough, it can become problematic if it is not managed properly.


Dogs love to show their excitement and one of the ways they do this is by jumping up on people.

This could be in response to a new person entering the room or when playing with another animal.

Dogs may also jump up out of anticipation for something exciting, like going for a walk or getting to play a game.

It is important to manage this behavior by teaching your pup how to properly show their excitement without jumping.

Redirecting bad behavior

Sometimes, dogs may jump up on people as a way to redirect bad behavior.

If your pup is feeling anxious or stressed out, they may jump on you in an attempt to get your attention and find comfort.

It is important to be aware of this behavior and be able to distinguish when your pup is jumping up out of excitement or simply because they need some extra TLC.

How to prevent and stop a dog from jumping up?


There are several ways to prevent and stop your pup from jumping up on people. These includes:

Making a list of commands

Creating a list of commands for your pup is essential in order to curb the habit of jumping up on people.

Start by teaching basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “down.”

When you catch your dog in the act of jumping up on someone, give a firm verbal command and use a hand signal to reinforce the command.

Once your pup has mastered these basic commands, work on more specific ones, such as “no jump” or “off.”

Reward good behavior

In order to reinforce good behavior, it’s important to reward your pup when they do as you ask.

When your pup follows a command or refrains from jumping up on someone, be sure to respond with verbal praise and possibly even a treat!

This will help them understand that this is the desired behavior.

Using treats

Using treats is a great way to encourage your pup to obey commands and refrain from jumping up on people.

You can use treats as a reward for good behavior or as an incentive for them to follow commands.

When introducing new commands, start with small rewards like a treat or toy, and then gradually increase the value of the reward when your pup follows the command.

This will help reinforce the desired behavior and make it easier for your pup to remember commands in the future.

Redirecting their attention

One way to prevent a dog from jumping up on people is by redirecting its attention.

If you notice your pup starting to become overly excited, find a way to distract them and focus their energy elsewhere.

You can do this by offering them a toy or engaging in activities such as fetch.

This will help keep their mind and body focused on something else and will discourage them from jumping up on people.

Additionally, you can also try slowly walking away or turning your back to your pup as a way to avoid giving them any further attention when they start jumping.

Using a leash

Using a leash is another great way to keep your pup from jumping up on people.

This will give you more control over their behavior and help prevent them from impulsively jumping up when meeting someone new.

When walking your pup on a leash, be sure to stay close by and pay attention to their body language so that you can take action if they start to become overly excited.

Overall, it is important to recognize when your pup is jumping up as a way of seeking attention and be able to prevent this behavior from occurring in the future.



Jumping up is a common behavior in dogs, and it can be difficult to manage.

However, with the right strategies and techniques, you can help prevent your pup from jumping up on people.

By establishing basic commands, rewarding good behavior, redirecting their attention, and using a leash when necessary, you can teach your pup not to jump up and help them learn more appropriate behaviors.

With consistency and patience, your pup will soon understand that jumping up is not an acceptable behavior.

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