9 Signs to Look For: How Do Dogs Show Love

how dogs show love

Dogs are often recognized as man’s true best friend and for a valid justification.

These devoted companions have the innate capacity to create meaningful connections with their owners and give unconditional love and faithfulness.

Despite most of us being aware that dogs are caring and trustworthy, it may not always be evident how they demonstrate such devotion.

Dogs demonstrate their love in many ways, and learning to recognize these signs can be pivotal for creating an unbreakable connection with your pup.

To help you understand what each gesture signifies, let’s dive into how dogs display their affection in this blog post!

Sign #1: Tail wagging/moving ears – A common sign of excitement

One of the most obvious ways dogs expresses their love is through tail wagging.

After all, a wagging tail is often interpreted as a sign of happiness!

Additionally, when a dog’s ears are perked up and moving, this can also be an indication of enthusiasm.

This behavior typically occurs when they are looking forward to spending time with you or when they are excited to see you.

When paired with a happy expression and body language, this is an unmistakable sign that your pup loves you.

Sign #2: Licking – A sign of affection


In addition to tail wagging, dogs also display love through licking.

While some may regard it as annoying or messy, your pup sees it as a sign of affection.

Licking is especially common among mother dogs and puppies, and it is their instinctive way of showing care for the ones they love.

Even when the pup has grown up, licking can still be their go-to method for expressing fondness towards their owners.

Whether it’s licking your face or hands, it’s a surefire sign that your pup loves you!

Sign #3: Following you around – A show of loyalty

Another way dogs express love is by following their owners around.

Whether it’s from room to room inside the house or during outdoor walks, having a loyal pup at your side can be a sign of true affection.

This behavior is particularly evident for puppies who are still getting used to their forever home and need reassurance that you will never leave them.

While this can become annoying if done in excess, it generally means that your dog loves and trusts you more than anything else!

Sign #4: Showing their belly – A sign of trust

One of the most endearing signs of affection is when a pup shows you its belly!

This behavior usually signifies that the dog trusts you and wants to show submission.

After all, exposing their vulnerable underbelly means they are comfortable enough with you to feel safe and secure.

While this gesture is not as common with adult dogs, they may still show their belly when they are feeling particularly comfortable or content in your presence.

Sign #5: Demanding cuddles – A sign of closeness


One of the best ways dogs show their love for their owners is through demanding cuddles.

When your pup wants to be near you and share some physical contact, it’s a clear indication that they want to get closer.

This behavior can range from pawing at your lap to jumping into your arms.

For many dog owners, there’s no better feeling than having their furry friend wanting to be close to them!

Sign #6: Bringing you gifts – An expression of love and appreciation

One of the more unique ways dogs express love is by bringing their owners ‘gifts.’

Whether it’s a toy, stick, or anything else they find interesting, these offerings are their way of saying “I love you.”

Not only does this demonstrate how much your pup loves and appreciates you, but it’s an adorable gesture that will make your heart melt!

Sign #7: Yawning or smiling – A sign of contentment

A sign that your pup loves you is in the form of yawning or smiling.

This behavior typically occurs when they are feeling relaxed and content in your presence, which is a great indication that they love spending time with you!

Whether it’s while they are snuggling up to you or gazing into your eyes, these are surefire signs that your pup loves and appreciates you.

Sign #8: Making eye contact – A sign of trust and understanding


Another telltale sign of a pup’s love is making and holding eye contact.

This behavior indicates that the pup trusts you as well as understands what you’re saying to them.

Not only does this show their understanding of your words and commands, but it also displays genuine affection for their owners.

If your pup is looking into your eyes, it’s safe to say that they love you!

Sign #9: Becoming protective – A sign of devotion

Finally, dogs will often become protective of their owners in a show of love and devotion.

Whether it’s barking at strangers or shielding you from danger, this behavior is usually an indication that your pup loves you enough to protect you.

This may sound intimidating to some people, but it’s actually a sign that your dog deeply cares for you and is willing to defend you from any harm.

These are just a few of the many signs that dogs show love and affection to their owners.

Whether it’s through licking, following, cuddling, or becoming protective of you, these behaviors demonstrate how much your pup loves and appreciates you!

So don’t forget to pay close attention to all the little things your beloved dog does to show you how much they care.

As it turns out, dogs are actually capable of expressing love in many ways!

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