Easy Pets To Take Care Of


Many kids want a pet, but the care of the pet often falls largely to Mom and Dad! That can be a problem if you have a busy lifestyle and a full-time job unless you pick a pet that’s easy to take care of.

In this guide, we take a look at a few creatures great and small that might make the perfect choice of pet for you.

First Things First

Before you begin looking at pets, it’s essential to know that every creature does need some degree of care. However, although a goldfish tank does need weekly cleaning to keep the environment safe for the fish, you won’t need to walk your fish every day as you would a dog!

The trick of happy and successful pet ownership is to pick a pet that suits your lifestyle. 

1. Fish


Coldwater fish can make a good pet that’s relatively easy to care for.

You will need to set up and cycle your aquarium before you can put any fish in it and keep the tank clean and properly maintained. However, that’s only going to take up an hour or so of your time each week. Of course, you’ll need to feed your fish every day, although you could invest in an automatic fish feeder to do that for you if you need to.

Although tropical freshwater and marine fish offer a greater range of species to choose from, they generally require more of an investment in time and money to keep them successfully.

2. Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs are active, curious little creatures that can make a fun pet that’s pretty easy to take care of.

These charming little furry friends have great personalities and love to interact with their human owners. You can even teach your piggies a few simple tricks and give them fun names! These critters need the company of other Guinea pigs to keep them happy, so you can’t keep one Guinea on its lonesome.

Your Guinea pigs will need a cage with an outdoor run where the animals can play and explore. So, you will need to clean out the cage and maintain the environment properly for your pets. Also, the Guineas will need feeding every day.

3. Chinchillas


Chinchillas are highly intelligent little creatures that are generally cheerful and full of fun. Once they get to know you, your Chinchillas will relish learning simple tricks and enjoy a snuggle with you when playtime is done.

These animals do need the company of their own kind and need a large cage with a dust bath. That means you’ll need to spend time keeping the cage clean and sweeping up the dust! Also, Chinchillas are primarily nocturnal, which might not be ideal if your kids go to bed early. 

Chinchillas have an average lifespan of up to 15 years, so you must be prepared to make a long commitment if you choose these animals as your pets.

4. Rats


Rats make excellent pets for kids and adults, too. These highly intelligent critters thrive on interaction with their human owners, happily riding on your shoulder, and they can even be trained to walk on a harness and leash! 

A pet rat does need plenty of space to be happy, ideally a large cage with multiple levels and lots of toys. Of course, you will need to keep the cage clean and feed your pet every day. Other than that, rats are quite straightforward to look after.

5. Hamsters


Hamsters can be a fun pet, especially if you live alone and work long days. These active, smart little animals are mostly nocturnal, so your cute furry friend will be ready to keep you company in the evenings as you kick back after a busy day.

Your hamster will need a cage equipped with an exercise wheel, toys, and tubes. You’ll need to clean the cage out every few days to keep it safe and healthy for your pet and feed him every day.

Hamsters can be aggressive if kept with their own kind, so you can keep only one of these little critters.

6. Sea Monkeys


If you have little kids that are desperate for a pet and the creatures listed above require more commitment and work than you want to invest, a pack of sea monkeys could be the ideal solution.

Sea monkeys are very active little aquatic critters that require hardly any care at all other than to be fed growth food once a week or so. These novelty pets have a lifespan of around two years, making them the ideal choice for small children that desperately want a pet but don’t understand what caring for a pet entails.

In Conclusion

If your kids are begging for a pet or you just want a furry friend to keep you company, any of the above critters might be a good choice.

All these pets are pretty easy to take care of and don’t require a massive investment of time or cash once you’ve set up their home. Remember that any pet does need some degree of daily care, so be sure to choose a critter that fits with your home and work lifestyle.

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