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Famous sloths from movies

Since sloths became a popular pet, many TV and film producers are taking note to make sloth characters in films and movie cartoons. It was a huge success to bring out the sloth characters to a movie since many people love it. You can name Sid or Brook from “ Ice Age” or Belt from “ The Croods”. And here you can find other famous sloth names you can choose. 

Here are the famous sloths from movies that we love!

Famous Sloths From Movies.

Sid (Ice Age)
Brooke (Ice Age)
Flash Slothmore (Zootopia)
Priscilla Tripletoe (Zootopia)
Sakoth (Pokemon)
Vigoroth (Pokemon)
Slaking (Pokemon)
Snook (It’s a Big Big World)
Belt (The Croods)

Best Sloth Names Inspired by Zootopia Characters


Zootopia is a famous comedy film produced by Walt Disney. There is a sloth character from Zootopia that is well known, it’s Flash. He is polite to Judy Hopps and speaks quite professionally, which makes him sound more intelligent than he looks. And the other one is Priscilla, a sloth who always wears a pink shirt. And here are the Zootopia characters that can inspire you to name your sloth. 

Stu Hopps
Duke Weaselton
Judy Hopps
Nick Wilde

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