Best Ways To Name A Sloth – Good, Cute, & Funny Names For A Pet Sloth


Sloths are exotic animals that recently has been popular among humans. These mammals have long legs, stumpy tails, and rounded heads with inconspicuous ears. Sloths are known as a wild animal and slow-moving pace, they love to hang and climb trees upside down easily. If you have a sloth as a pet, in this article we’ve covered the best sloth names from famous, funny, and cute ones. Hope you can be inspired to name your sloth pet. 

Top Cute & Funny Sloth Names


Some people say sloths are very lazy animals. I believe they are just slow in nature and they love to sleep and hang out in trees all day. So why not give them some cute and funny names for their personality. Trust me, you’ll love these cute and funny sloth names!

Famous Sloths From Movies.  


If you have not noticed yet, there are a lot of famous sloth characters in movies and cartoons. Sid from the Ice Age movies is actually a sloth. A fast one indeed! So check out other famous sloth names that will make you go nuts!


What is the best male name for a sloth? 

You can name your male sloth with Leo or Bane. But if you are looking for names based on their personality, you can choose Sleepy or Lazy Boy.

What is the best female name for a sloth?

There are many female sloth names you can use like Lulu, Molly, or Bibi. Though we also prefer Ann since it’s easy to pronounce or Liz.

What are the best sloth names that start with an S?

You can use Speedy since it’s the opposite of their personality so it’ll be a funny name. But you can also choose Sammie for a male of Suzie for a female. 


Having a sloth as your pet would be great, though we’re not recommended to have one, since it’s a wild animal, also they belong in the jungle since they love to climb the trees. But if you have one, it’s important to take care of them and give them the best names. 

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