Fluffy Stars: 10 Most Unusual Cats On The Instagram

Some of them have such a large army of subscribers that they can rightfully be called the stars of the World Wide Web.

#1 Lil Bub

Lil Bab is one of the most popular cats on the Internet, due to its unusual appearance. Due to a number of genetic mutations, Lil Bub has no teeth, and therefore her tongue always sticks out.

#2 Hamilton The Hipster Cat

Hamilton was homeless until he was picked up by the owners of the Brooklyn shelter. Hamilton currently has over 800,000 subscribers.

#3 Sam Has Eybrows

The white cat Sam is famous for the fact that he has thick black eyebrows that give his muzzle a surprised expression.

#4 Narnia

One of the most unusual feline mutations is chimerism when an animal acquires two types of DNA due to the fusion of two embryos. Such a cat is the blue-eyed Narnia - she has one half of the muzzle black, and the second gray.

#5 Grumpy Cat

She became popular in 2012 when her picture was posted on the Reddit forum. Then the users agreed that the expression of the cat's face perfectly expresses gloom and hostility at the same time.

#6 Princess Monster Truck

A cat with an exotic name Princess Monster Truck has a malocclusion, which is why its two lower fangs stick out.

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