6 Great Beginner Pet Frogs

How about a pet frog for your home? If you are a beginner, you are in the right place because you will get all the information about some of the best choices.

The most satisfying part is your amphibian friends will not require a significant space or superior care. Their stunning features and fun activities will always entertain your family and friends. You will also get plenty of options while picking your favorite pet frog.

As a beginner, you may find a dart frog attractive because of its bright color. But keep in mind that they are one of the most fragile species. So keeping them as a pet is quite difficult.

On the other hand, a captive-bred species is easy to keep. Their health condition also makes them the best choice as a pet.

In short, don’t forget to research before welcoming your new frog friend to your house. Always remember you have to take care of your pet properly.

1. Tomato Frog

This species has a funny name, tomato frog. You will find it originally in Madagascar. This 4 inches long species comes in different colors from yellow to orange or even bright red. Female tomato frogs are usually more prominent than males.

They usually live for six to seven or even eight years. Do you have a 20-gallon aquarium in your house? It will be the best for keeping tomato frogs. Along with that, you have to maintain the moisture and humidity. 64°F to 84°F is right for them. Additionally, they love to live in clean water and enjoy eating insects like earthworms, cricket, or even a small mouse.

Before touching your new pet friend, keep in mind that their sticky mucus may cause skin irritation.

2. Red-Eyed Tree Frog

This one is one of the most attractive tree frogs available in this list. Its bright body-color with vibrant and beautiful red eyes always catches everyone’s attention. They are fairly large.

You have to maintain warm humidity as well as UVB as this frog is quite sensitive. These frogs are always slow, but eventually, you’ll see their true color in their mealtime. It’s their favorite time in a day. You are going to be amazed by the magnificent look of these frogs when they are with jungle plants. People usually search for these frogs because they are considered to be the best pet for beginners.

3. Dumpy Tree Frog

Dumpy tree frogs have various names, including White’s tree frog, or Australian green tree frog. This one is found in the northern part of Australia as well as in the southern part of New Guinea. If you want to welcome it for entertainment, then this is not the best choice for you.

These small and cute 3.5″ frogs live for at least 15 years. It can be extended up to 25 years. A tank of 10 gallons will be enough for an adult Dumpy Tree Frog, while the temperature should arrange between 80F to 85F.

Just like others, they love to eat insects like small mice, crickets, and earthworms. Keep in mind one crucial thing that your frog friend absorbs everything with its skin. So don’t forget to wash your hands before playing with them.

4. Fire-Bellied Toad

Fire-bellied toads are found in China, Manchuria, and Korea. They usually live in ponds, backwaters, and puddles. This one is one of the best frog species as it loves to entertain their owners. A 10-gallon tank is enough for them as well. But a semi-aquatic tank set up will be the best for you.

If you can really set up a large tank, then it should be made of moss and coconut coir. Always try to use woodland substrates. Along with that, you can decorate your tank with non-toxic natural plants. An excellent filter and a good water purifier are necessary for your tank.

Its temperature should be between 70F to 75F. You can feed this species with guppies, crickets, worms, and minnows. Always try to wash your hands after playing with them as their skin is quite toxic.

5. African Dwarf Frog


This rough skin, small toad, is aquatic. Unlike other frogs, they don’t require any land enclosure as they are mostly found in West African ponds, puddles, and ditches.

This one is also too small. You can keep five frogs as a pet in a 5-gallon tank. But an excellent filtration system is needed to eradicate chemicals from your tank. Along with that, you have to maintain the temperature. It should be between 75F to 82F.

These frogs can be kept with tropical fishes is as well. But it would be best if you keep them with other friendly frogs. That’s because sometimes different fishes eat these frogs as they are timid and shy. Also, as an owner, you have to create an excellent tank set up.

You can feed these frogs with living as well as frozen foods. For example, bloodworms and black worms are excellent for them, along with Cyclops and Daphnia.

6. Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

These small frogs are found in the South as well as Central America. About from that, the dry parts of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay are also full of waxy monkey tree frogs.

Females are always larger in size than males. Their lifespan is at least ten years. You have to be ready to buy a 20-gallon aquarium to keep an adult Waxy Monkey Toad. On the other hand, 85F to 90F is enough for them. The moisture level is vital, along with UV lightning. So the aquarium should be made of coconut coir and moss.

You can feed your new friend with crickets, termites, fruit flies, and other insects.

So these are the best pet frogs for beginners. You can choose the best one according to your preferences.

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