120+ Hawaiian Turtle Names: Names with Meanings For A Pet Turtle

Looking for Hawaiian turtle names for your new pet turtle? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will list over 120 Hawaiian turtle names and their meanings.

The Hawaiian Islands are often believed to be paradise on earth. With mesmerizing scenic beauty, fascinating culture, and rich heritage, the Hawaiian islands are pure bliss – and a perfect place to seek inspiration for naming your new pet friend!

From Lilo (meaning “generous one”), to Mano (“shark”), Inoki (“devoted”), Meli (“honey”), Mahalo (“thank you”), or even Moana (“ocean”), there are so many inspiring Hawaiian turtle names and other pet names to explore. We hope you find the perfect name on this list!

Whether you are looking for a name that is traditional Hawaiian or has a modern twist, we have you covered. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

hawaiian turtle names

Here are the best Hawaiian turtle names that you should consider.

Hawaiian Male Turtle Names

Hawaiian Male Turtle Names
Alemana means “warrior”
Nahoa meaning “bold”
Mau Loa meaning “forever”
Kekipi meaning “the rebel”
Amoka meaning “strong”
Bane meaning “a long awaited child”
Ohana meaning “family”
Malo meaning “winner or victorious man”
Mo’o meaning “protector of ponds and streams”
Hilo meaning “the first night after the new moon”
Aouli means “blue sky”
Pika meaning “rock”
Kalei means “garland”
Kekoa meaning “the brave one”
Kapena meaning “the captain”
Malo meaning “winner”
Hoku meaning “star”
Koa meaning “a fighter or warrior”
Tua meaning “behind”
Polo meaning “large and plump”
Pekelo meaning “stone”
Keanu meaning “a cool breeze over mountains”
Honu meaning “a green turtle”
Kahoku meaning “star”
Kimo Hawaiian version of James
Kapono meaning “righteous”
Honi meaning “kiss”
Asera meaning “lucky”
Kaliko meaning “bud of a leaf”
Kale meaning “a free man”
Etana meaning “strong”
Etana meaning “strong”
Puna meaning “the chief of Oahu”
Miki meaning “active”
Akamu meaning “the red earth”
Amoka meaning “strong”
Koa meaning “bold and brave”
Liko meaning “bud of a plant”
Akamai means “smart”
Kaipo meaning “sweetheart”
Hanale means “Lord of the manor”
Kealii meaning “the chief”
Lui meaning “a well known warrior”
Kilo meaning “star watcher or daydreamer”
Ikaika meaning “powerful”
Aka meaning “shadow”
Asera meaning “lucky”
Amana meaning “warrior”
Oke this name is Oscar in Hawaiian
Pûkini meaning “pudding”
Hiwa meaning “jet black”
Ailani meaning “high chief”
Weuweu meaning “fluffy”
Liko meaning “bud”
Kahawai means “river”
Kai meaning “ocean or sea”
Kapena meaning “captain”
Eno means “wild”

Hawaiian Female Turtle Names

Hawaiian Female Turtle Names
Moana meaning “ocean”
Lolo meaning “crazy”
Olina meaning “joyous”
Akela meaning “wisdom”
Noe meaning “mist or rain”
Aloha meaning “love”
Mino’aka meaning “smile”
Ona meaning “sweetness”
Keli meaning “cherry”
Lani meaning “sky”
Keala meaning “path”
Loni meaning “sky”
Laka meaning “gentle”
Kaimi meaning “baby”
Alamea meaning “precious”
Meka meaning “eyes”
Kaia meaning “the sea”
Ipo meaning “friend”
Eleu meaning “lively”
Hanai meaning “lucky”
Keola meaning “the life”
Lana meaning “floating”
Meli meaning “honey”
Luana meaning “happy”
Kalia meaning “beloved”
Ipo meaning “sweetheart”
Anela meaning “angel”
Malana meaning “light”
Inoki meaning “devoted”
Ele’ele meaning “jet black”
Kamea meaning “your favorite kitten”
Kiki meaning “kiss”
Kala meaning “princess”
Kailani meaning “sea and sky”
Kalena meaning “bright star”
Milani meaning “gentle touch”
Kamea meaning “the one and only”
Mei meaning “Hawaiian version of May”
Mele meaning “song”
Waiola the Hawaiian version of Viol
Nalani meaning “the heavens”
Kiele meaning “precious blossom”
Akela meaning “lucky”
Naia meaning “dolphin”
Momi meaning “pearl”
Kapua meaning “beautiful cat”
Malana meaning “light”

Popular Hawaiian Turtle Names

Popular Hawaiian Turtle Names
Nohea meaning “loveliness or handsome”
Nani meaning “beautiful”
Koa meaning “soldier”
Ipo meaning “sweetheart”
Pekelo meaning “stone”
Lani meaning “heavenly”
Mano meaning “shark”
Amana meaning “faithful girl”
Kalea meaning “bright”
Keanu meaning “cool, mountain breeze”
Duke meaning “Hawaiian royalty”
Malia meaning “calm”
Kukui meaning “light”
Wiwi meaning “skinny”
Nui meaning “important or great”
Etana meaning “strong”
Hanai meaning “adopt” or “lucky”
Miki meaning “quick or nimble”
Anuenue meaning “rainbow”
Pūlikito meaning “embrace”
Fleur meaning “rhymes with flower”
Kaia meaning “sea”
Huelo meaning “tail”
Pupule meaning “crazy” or “wild”
Olina meaning “joy”

While there are many names to choose from, hopefully, we’ve helped you find the perfect name for your new pet turtle.

If you’re still stuck, feel free to browse our list of over 100 Disney turtle names – there’s sure to be one that fits your pet friend perfectly! Aloha!

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