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Bats are exotic animals that look terrified to some people, but to others, bats are a good animal to keep as a pet. Though they can befriend humans, you should know the fact that bats can decrease their lifespan when they are caged. So you should reconsider keeping them as a pet since they need to fly around a lot due to their wild natural behavior. If you have your own bat as a pet, we’ll help you to find a perfect name for your bat. In this article, we’ve covered pet bat names that can inspire you.

Top Best Bat Names

pet bat names

It’s rare to keep a bat as a pet, but in case you have one, you may be asking what are good bat names. Well, we got you covered with our list of over 200 best bat names. Binky and Atilla are just examples and you can find more options in this cool list.

Top Good Bat Names


People have often mistaken bats to be bad animals that can bite a human being (and maybe them into a vampire?). But this myth is not true at call and bats are actually harmless. They prefer to stay in their caves as much as possible. So if you have a pet bat, then here is a list of over 70 good bat names for both genders. Also, there are cool bat nicknames too!

Top Famous Bat Names


The name “Dracula” is a very popular name for a bat but it seems to be a really common name used. If you’re looking for other unique bat names, we prepared a list of over 80 popular bat names that could help you. We have funny and famous bat names here too like Foxglove and Voldemort.


What is a good name for a male bat? 

Midnight would be a perfect name for a male bat due to their behavior of going out at night. Or you can consider Osric, Cirrus, or Jarod.

What is a good name for a female bat?

Anastasia would be a good idea to name your female bat. You can also name your female bat with Luna which means moon.

What is a famous name for a bat?

We have many famous bat names like Bruce, Alfred, or Wayne that are inspired by the Batman characters. We also like Boris and Vampirina.


Some people are frightened of bats due to the myths that spread around the world, but to some people, bats are cute and exotic animals. Though keeping them as a pet would be a bad idea because they are wild animals that can live longer in nature instead of in the cage. But if you have a pet bat, hopefully, this article can inspire you to name your bat.

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