Best Name Articles For A Duck – With Cute & Funny Duck Names


Ducks are good animals to keep as pets because of their cuteness, intelligence, and socialization. If you have enough space, you can have a duck as a pet and also farm animals, where you can take their meat, fur, and eggs. If you take a duck as a pet, you should remember that ducks are not like the other pets, they need your attention to their daily activity, food, and environment. If you have a pet duck and are looking for a name, we’ve covered all the best duck names, from the best, funny, cute, cool, etc. And here what we suggest the names for your duck.

Best Duck Names

duck names

Ducks are really outgoing social animals and enjoy the outdoors (especially the waters where they can float around). Amazing fact: their feathers are highly waterproof! So we have a list of over 500 duck names that you should consider for your feathered friend.

Top Cute Duck Names

cute duck names

Ducks are indeed cute animals that go “quack” all over our faces! That’s how lovely they are and they do not get aggressive. So give them a cute name from this of over 400 cute duck names that include baby duck names too!

Top Funny Duck Names

funny duck names

The name is Pond… James Pond. Did you like that funny name? Well, you can see more of those funny duck names from this list of 150 hilarious ideas to name a duck!


What is a good name for a duck? 

You can name your male duck with Vince, Thomas, or Felix. If you have a female duck, you can name with Rosie, Zoe, or Sally

What is a cute name for a pair of ducks?

If you are a movie fan, you can name your pair of ducks with Kirk & Spock. We also like Bob & Larry, Harry & Sally, or Bill & Ted.

What is a cute name for a baby duck? 

If you have a pet baby duck, you can name it Lilac. We also like Peach, Echo, or Echo for a male baby duck. For a female baby duck name, we like Beatrice or Daphne.


Having a duck as a pet is a good idea, but find a perfect name for them is not an easy task. You should name them with an easy name to pronounce or based on their personality. Once you get the proper name for your ducks it’s hard to change it into another name. 

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