Best Names For An Otter – Good, Cute, & Famous Otter Names


Otters are carnivore mammals that in some countries it’s illegal to make them as pets since they are wild animals. So we’re not recommended to have one as a pet since they are biting due to their wild personality, also they don’t like to play with humans the way that we play with any other pets. But in case you’ve got otters as your pet, this article will help you to find a proper name for your otter. We’ve covered many otter names for you, so hopefully, you’ll be inspired to name your otter. 

Best Otter names

otter names

Did you know that otters can hold their breath for 5 minutes underwater? Cool, right? That is why we have a list of the best otter names for these cool animals.

Baby Otter Name


Baby otters need attention from their parents all the time. So if you have a baby otter, chances are they will forward to your care. Don’t forget, they love water too! So check these cute baby otter names for both boy and girl.

Famous Otter Names Inspired From Movies


Hairy Potter could be a good name for a pet otter right? These exotic animals became so popular since they are cute and adorable especially in groups. We’ve compiled a list of famous otter names inspired by movies that you surely heard of.


What is the best name for a sea otter?

Otto would be a great name for a sea otter because it rhymes with their species name. You can also use Zephyr or Harvey for a male and Rosa or Luna for a female. 

What are otter names in another language? 

You can find another language that means otter to name yours. Vidra (Serbian), Odel (German), Oren (Hebrew), and many others.

What are famous otter names?

There are many famous otter names you can find that are inspired by video games or any others. You can choose Tarka, Daxter, or Stugg.


If you have an otter as a pet, you are so lucky. Because it’s hard to make them as pets due to their wild instinct, they require a lot of space and water and are also expensive. But they are one of the exotic animals, cute and adorable, so no wonder it’s a popular pet to humans.

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