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The raccoon is one of the cute, adorable, exotic, and wild animals. People love to keep a raccoon as a pet since they can be affectionate, playful, and fun, but sometimes they can be so aggressive. Due to their mischief behavior, many animal experts are against keeping them as a pet. But in case you already have one and you need to name your cute raccoon, we’ll cover all the best raccoon names in this article.. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired and find the perfect name for your adorable raccoon.

Best Pet Raccoon Names 

pet raccoon names

Let’s start off with the best pet raccoon names whether you have one or still playing to have one as a pet. Since they are curious animals, they will respond to the name you’ll call them. So we’ve prepared a list of 140 of the best raccoon names that include cute, funny, and famous names too!

Top Famous Raccoon Names


You may not know that there are quite a number of famous raccoons from cartoons or movies. One is “Tico” from Dora The Explorer. Check out the other famous raccoon names from this as well as popular names that are commonly used for a pet raccoon.

Top Raccoon Nicknames


If you think some of the raccoon names we have suggested are too long, then don’t worry as we also have some raccoon nicknames to inspire you. Nicknames of 1 to 2 syllables is enough so we got over 20 of them in this list of cute raccoon nicknames.

Top Baby Raccoon Names


Yes, you read that right. We also have a list of the best baby raccoon names whether they are male or female. A baby raccoons loves to play around just like a pup so giving them a cute name is appropriate until they grow up!


What is a good name for a raccoon? 

We have some ideas on a good name for a raccoon like Tito, Rocky, or Roy for a male raccoon, and Ferra, Emma, or Merry for a female raccoon.

What is a famous name for a raccoon?

Tico, Rocket, or RJ is the famous raccoon name inspired by movies. And we also like the names like Dash, Babe, or Spark.

What are the funny raccoon names? 

Cuddles would be a funny raccoon name since they love to cling to your shoulder and it’s a cuddle for them. Or you can pick trouble due to their curiosity and might end up becoming a problem.


Keeping raccoons as a pet would be awesome since they are smart, cute, adorable and love to play. But in some countries raccoons are considered as illegal pets due to their wilderness behaviour. But if you have tamed them and take care of them properly, they can be fascinating and funny companions.

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