How to tire out a puppy: 10 fun ways to wear them out

how to tire out a puppy

One of the joys of owning a puppy is their boundless energy. But that same energy can also be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to get some rest or focus on something else. So how to tire out a puppy?

If you’re looking for ways to do the same, then here are 10 fun ideas:

1. Play fetch:

how to tire out a puppy

Dogs love to play fetch and it’s a great way to wear them out. If you have a backyard, playing fetch inside is a great option.

If not, you can always play fetch inside your home or even at a nearby park.

2. Have a play-date:

Getting together with another dog for a play-date is a great way to tire out your pup.

Dogs love to socialize and run around, so this is a perfect activity to wear them out.

3. Go to the dog park:

If you have a local dog park, this is a great place to take your puppy to tire them out.

They’ll get to run around and explore, and they’ll likely make some new friends too.

4. Go for a walk or run:

how to tire out a puppy

This is a great way to get some exercise for both you and your pup.

A longer walk or run will obviously tire them out more, but even a short walk can be helpful in tiring out a puppy.

5. Play tug-of-war:

This is another classic game that dogs love.

Just be sure you’re using a toy that’s meant for dogs and not something that could break easily and hurt your pup.

6. Go swimming:

Many dogs love the water and swimming is a great way to tire them out.

If your dog isn’t a fan of the water, you can try playing in a sprinkler or hose instead.

7. Take a hike:

Explore nature with your pup and tire them out at the same time.

Hiking is a great workout for both you and your dog, and it’s a fun way to bond with them too.

8. Play hide-and-seek:

This is a classic game that kids love, but puppies can enjoy it too.

Have your pup stay in one room while you hide somewhere else in the house.

Once you’re hidden, call their name and let them find you.

9. Do some training:

how to tire out a puppy

Training is a great way to tire out your pup’s mind and body.

If you’re working on basic commands like sit and stay, you’ll likely find your pup getting tired pretty quickly.

10. Have a dance party:

Dogs love to move their bodies and have fun, so why not have a little dance party with your pup?

Put on some upbeat music and let them join in the fun. Your pup is sure to be exhausted after all that dancing!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The important thing is to have fun and let your pup burn off some of that energy. With a little patience and effort, you’re sure to tire out even the most energetic puppy.

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