10+ Healthiest Human Foods You Should Be Feeding Your Dog

#5 Green beans

Veggies are the perfect food for humans and dogs, especially for diet. Green beans are one of them that’s rich with vitamins A, K, C, and minerals that help your dog’s blood health and immune system.

#6 Chicken

As a dog owner, giving chicken to your dog is the healthy food option, since its source is protein, omega 3,6, and vitamin B that helps your dogs to have a healthy coat, aid in metabolism, boost their immune, and many more. 

#7 Salmon

Salmon is rich with omega 3, low-fat and high protein which is the perfect food for your dogs to help their immunity. Since salmon gives many benefits for the body, no wonder it's a little expensive compared to any other food.

#8 Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a low-calorie food that’s good for your dog. It contains ample nutrients, Vitamins, and fiber to keep your dogs healthy. Besides it helps with weight loss, it also helps diarrhea in your dogs. And not only is pumpkin healthy it’s also tasty.

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