10+ Healthiest Human Foods You Should Be Feeding Your Dog

#9 Coconut

Do you know that dogs like coconut? Coconut contains antioxidants that increase their immunity and help to boost your dog’s health. And also coconut is completely non-toxic to your dogs. Even coconut oil brings benefit to your dog’s skin

#10 Asparagus

Just like the other veggies, Asparagus contains plenty of fiber that’s good for your dog’s health. It’s also perfect for weight loss, but it should be served cooked since it would be difficult for your dog to eat it raw.

#11 Rice

Rice is a human food that is also good for dogs. Rice is full of carbohydrates that make your dog feel full. And for brown rice, it helps to prevent Alzheimer's for your dogs. But you should remember, though it's good to feed your dog with rice every day, you shouldn’t give them a large portion.

#12 Milk

Milk is also good for your dogs, but there are some dogs that are lactose intolerant. So, you must be careful. If your dogs are lactose intolerant, you should keep giving them water instead

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