10+ Healthiest Human Foods You Should Be Feeding Your Dog

As a dog parent, you must feel very joyful seeing them jump up and play around with you. But you should be taking care of your dog including feeding them the right foods for their health, and not trash foods. 

With so many dog foods that have been recalled over the years, that makes you wonder what kind of food you should probably give them? 

But, don’t you know that there are some human foods that are eligible for dogs, so you can keep feeding them without any worries about their health.

Here are some human foods that are actually good for your dog’s health

#1 Carrots

Yes, your dogs can eat carrots. And it is a good snack for your dogs, while you can serve them in many ways, cooked, raw, or with any other foods. Carrots are a full source of vitamin A that can keep your dog skin healthy.

#2 Bone Broth

Do you know that bone broth has many benefits for your dog’s health? Well, bone broth is like a healing liquid for your dog since its role in detoxing the liver, and it helps your dog’s bones to be strong. 

#3 Eggs

Though eggs have been known for their high cholesterol content for years, it's good cholesterol since it contains calcium and amino acid that helps to build muscle, strengthen hair, bone and teeth.

#4 Apples

Apples are healthy fruits that you can give to your dogs. But you should be careful and make sure to remove the pits since they are dangerous to your dogs. 

Apples contain full of vitamin A, C, and fiber for immunity and antioxidant that helps to improves their skin and  coat health

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