Japanese Wolf Names – 100+ Names In Japanese With Meanings

The Japanese language and names have unique meanings that are very interesting for us to learn. To help you choose the best name for a wolf or your pet, we’ve compiled over 100 Japanese wolf names that have meanings. Not only will you choose the best wolf names, but you will somewhat learn the Japanese language too!

japanese wolf names for naming a pet

Over 100 Japanese Wolf Names with meanings

Japanese Wolf Names Meaning
Hana flower
Kaoru fragrance
Ichiro first son
Yasu peace
Miyuki beautiful blessing
Satomi beautiful and wise
Momoka peach tree flower
Yamato great harmony
Hideko child of excellence
Mi beautiful
Riko child of truth
Kaito ocean flying
Yumi reason beautiful
Tomomi beautiful friend
Rokuro sixth son
Nana seven
Ren lotus / love
to advance, proceed
Yuki happiness / snow
Masumi true clarity
Kimiko empress child
Yoshi lucky / righteous
beautiful blessing child
Takeo warrior hero
Sachiko joyful, happy child
Akira bright / clear
Eiji eternity order
Michi pathway
Shinobu endurance
Miku beautiful sky
Masa just / true
Yoshiko child of goodness
Itsuki timber trees
Mitsuru satisfy, full
Nao honest
Yasushi peaceful
Isamu brave, courageous
Hikari light, radiance
Eri blessed prize
Maiko child of dance
ōkami great-spirit
Kyoko respectful child
protected, guaranteed beauty
Hideo excellent man
Shizuko quiet child
Shigeko growing child
beautiful cherry blossom
Natsuki summer hope
Chika scatter flowers
Akira bright / clear
Izumi spring, fountain
Yui bind clothing
Hoshiko star child
Honoka harmony flower
Emi beautiful blessing
Ren lotus / love
Nori to rule
of great value, nobility
Sakura cherry blossom
Kaede maple
Masaki great timber tree
Kiyomi pure beauty
Yoshiro righteous son
Sho to fly
advantageous light
Shizuka quiet summer
Kyo cooperation
Misaki beautiful blossom
Takayuki noble journey
disciplined, studious
Yua binding love
Yuji heroic second son
Akio bright man
Kunio country man
Naomi honest beautiful
Haru spring
child of wealth, fortune
Rika true fragrance
excellent timber trees
Naoko honest child
child of a thousand generations
Airi love jasmine
Dai great, large
Haruto sun flying
Naoki honest timber tree
Tadao loyal, faithful man
Masa just / true
Michio man on a journey
Asami morning beauty
Rina jasmine
one thousand generations
Umeko plum child
Masumi true clarity
Katsumi victorious beauty
child of intelligence, wisdom
strong, healthy first son
Shiori poem
Hoshi star
Midori green
tomorrow perfume, fragrance
Mami true beauty
Noriko lawful child
Hisako child of long life
Takara treasure
Sora sky
harmonious beauty
Yuuna gentle
Atsushi industrious director

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