4 Reasons Why A Maltipoo Puppy Is The Perfect Gift For Your Child

There always comes a time in every parent’s life wherein their child asks them for a puppy. If you are sure you have the time to tend to a puppy and will not leave it alone for long hours, then you should definitely get one for your child. There are many benefits of children growing with puppies right from enhancing their social development to having a companion who watches over them all the time

The next thing you are probably wondering is which breed is the right fit not only for you but your family too. One of the best choices is to get a Maltipoo puppy from Uptown Puppies for your child. Maltipoo puppies are intelligent, funny, and adorable. Their extremely warm nature can easily help them make space in anyone’s heart. As they come in both large and small sizes, you can get one that is big enough to play outside or small enough to be a lap dog.

They are also known as designer dogs as they look charming and adorable as puppies.

They are a mix of Maltese and Poodle, so they can look like a puppy almost all their lives.

They inherit qualities from both parent dog breeds. They are charming, gentle, and playful like Maltese dogs. They acquire their intelligence from Poodles, one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are friendly and outgoing with high loyalty to their owners. As they grow into dogs, they are more mellow and calm. 

If these aren’t enough reasons to get a Maltipoo puppy for your child, read along to find some more that will definitely cement your choice. 

4 reasons why Maltipoo Dogs are good for children:

1. Low Maintenance

As Maltipoos are hypoallergenic, they do not shed. This frees you from vacuuming dog hair from all your furniture and also eliminates any fear of your child swallowing the dog fur. A nice brush once in a while also ensures their fur doesn’t matt. Also as they don’t have a loud bark, they don’t come as a yappy noisy pet. This ensures your child can sleep soundly even if the puppy is awake. Many Maltipoo puppy owners agree that this breed is a quieter one. This also means that if you need to put your puppy in another home while you are on vacation, they will not cause a nuisance of barking loudly consistently. A quick stroll in the park is enough of an exercise for them.

2. Easy Nature

Maltipoo puppies are known for being loving friends and getting very attached to their owners. They are happy to be at home with their owners and are joyful when you spend time with them. They are easier to train than most breeds. You can easily complete training a Maltipoo puppy within 6 months. They are not aggressive and do not paw the door or furniture. This provides a safe environment for your child as the faster the puppy is housetrained the quicker they adapt to everything around them. Also due to their sweet and gentle temperament, they make great therapy dogs. They are much suited in an environment where there are children or older people who need a therapy companion.

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3. Healthy Breed

Maltipoos are a healthy breed and very rarely get ill. Also, you must ensure that you get your puppy from a respectful breeder to ensure the puppy is in good health when you get it. Good Breeders inform you of all precautions you must take to keep your puppy in good health and can also provide you information on how to treat if you see any minor ailments. Maltipoo puppies have become a more popular choice as though they are small they are a very healthy breed as compared to other small-sized dogs. 

4. Cute Appearance

Maltipoo puppies can be both small and large-sized. They have an adorable teddy bear-like appearance which makes them a gentle companion for your child. They do not intimidate the child due to their appearance. Many celebrities too sport a Maltipoo puppy for the same reason. They have a soft, fluffy, wool-like coat with fur that can range from slightly wavy to curly. They also have different color coats like cream, white, and silver. 

Things to do before you get a Maltipoo Puppy

Now that you have decided to get a Maltipoo puppy home, here are a few easy tips that can help you be more prepared.

  • Get a Kennel for them when you get them, so they can too make a home for themselves. 
  • A crate of its own will help your puppy feel less anxious by providing a den-like home many dogs crave
  • Get your puppy food and water bowl and show them a designated area for it.
  • Use positive reinforcement to train your Maltipoo puppy.
  • Schedule a daily routine for a quick walk with your puppy

Following these basic guidelines will ensure a happy start for your Maltipoo puppy towards a lifelong companionship with your child. 

If you need any more convincing, here are 14 photos to show you what to expect once you get your Maltipoo puppy.

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