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National Cat Health Month: What to Consider

Celebrate Cat Health Month

February marks the observance of National Cat Health Month—a dedicated time to prioritize the well-being of our feline companions.

While this emphasis on cat health is highlighted throughout February, it serves as a year-round reminder for cat parents to invest extra time and attention in ensuring their furry friends maintain optimal physical and emotional health.

During National Cat Health Month, devote special consideration to your cat’s overall wellness.

Take the opportunity to educate yourself on indicators of potential health issues or abnormal behaviour in your cat.

This month encourages cat owners to proactively engage in activities that promote the health and happiness of their beloved pets.

The significance of National Cat Health Month extends beyond a mere calendar month; it serves as an ongoing commitment to the welfare of our feline friends.

This dedicated time prompts cat parents to deepen their understanding of their cats’ needs and fosters a sense of responsibility for their ongoing care.

Let’s cherish National Cat Health Month not only as a reminder to shower our sweet kitties with extra love but also as an enduring celebration of the joy our feline companions bring to our lives.

History Of National Cat Health Month

Celebrate Cat Health Month

Our admiration for cats has deep historical roots, stretching back to ancient civilizations.

The Ancient Egyptians were cat enthusiasts long before the era of Instagram selfies with grumpy felines became a trend.

In those ancient times, cats held significant roles in social and religious practices, serving both as companions and protectors.

These revered creatures played a crucial role in safeguarding the Pharaoh, with their prowess in eliminating venomous snakes earning them praise.

Such was the esteem in which cats were held that they were even mummified upon burial, and Egyptian deities were depicted with feline heads, underscoring the spiritual significance attributed to them.

Approximately 3000 years ago, the introduction of farm cats to Europe by Greek traders marked a turning point.

These feline companions were highly prized for their adept pest control abilities.

As the Roman Empire expanded into Britain, cats accompanied them, contributing to the widespread presence of these creatures.

When Vikings invaded and later departed from Britain, they, too, took cats along on their journeys, further solidifying the global presence of these captivating companions.

However, they haven’t always been appreciated.

During the Middle Ages, black cats were connected to witchcraft, and during the Black Death, there was a brief period of harm to their reputation as many mistakenly believed they had anything to do with the terrible disease. 

By the 1600s, cats’ standing had been restored, and they were invited to travel on ships as a means of warding off rodents.

How to Celebrate National Cat Health Month?

Celebrate Cat Health Month

Whether you recently acquired a kitten or have an older fur baby, there are lots of ways to honour the link between you and your pet.

Being vaccinated and providing routine check-ups are not the only ways to show your cat love. Proactive at-home care is part of it.

Take a look at the actions listed below to enhance the prosperity and health of your cat!

To find out how you can maintain your cat’s perfect health, scroll down.

Monitor Weight & Provide a Healthy Diet

Even while we all like spending a lazy afternoon in the sun, cats lose some of their natural energy as they get older. To prevent this, make sure your cat plays every day.

Having a range of cat toys and interactive feeds helps keep your cat entertained and active. Your cat will appreciate you if you combine this exercise with balanced food!

Ask your veterinarian for suggestions based on your cat’s individual needs if you have any questions regarding the best diet for them.

Implement Regular Grooming

Although cats groom themselves for half of their waking lives, some overdo it and require assistance to look spiffy. A comb or brush can stop fur from matting and feels nice, almost like an all-over massage.

In addition to decreasing fur balls, grooming fosters a closer relationship between you and your cat.

Build a Bond

Cats often express their vocalizations by displaying the tips of their tails or by making little noises.

These gestures and sounds may be extremely modest, but they convey a lot of information.

A high tail, for instance, that resembles a question mark, can indicate that your cat is more self-assured and affable. When they are not feeling social, they may display a low tail.

Your cat is always trying to communicate with you, so please pay attention to what they are saying, whether they are vocal or not!

If you have any questions concerning the “tail-tell” signals, don’t hesitate to contact our vets.

Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy

Regular dental cleanings and examinations are crucial for your cat’s general well-being.

Your cat could lose teeth if they are not taken care of, which could make feeding difficult.

Additionally, their teeth may become infected, which can result in a variety of health problems.

keep Your Kitty Active

Keep your feline active to prevent obesity, which raises the risk of diabetes and other health problems.

Playing with your pet can be a fun way to strengthen your friendship because cats love to play.

Keep your cat occupied with an interactive feeder, stimulating toys, or even a feline buddy.

Provide Basic Training

Even if your cat is the greatest in the world, improper training will cause you to have issues.

Cats may be trained, and they naturally listen and follow simple instructions like sit, stay, and come when called.

Consider giving your cats goodies or a clicker when someone tells me their cats are uncooperative.

Connecting with your pet through training is a wonderful thing.

Give Your Cat the Attention they Deserve

Even though cats aren’t the world’s most cuddly animals, you can still have a better relationship with them.

To demonstrate your concern, give your interactive cat toys or a fine treat.

As soon as you both agree on the same routines, you will be able to pet and cuddle with your kitty buddy. 

Celebrate Cat Health Month

Give Your Pet a Healthy Diet

Your cat requires a balanced diet comprised of meals and fluids that are made especially for cats in order to stay healthy and hydrated.

Ensure the meal satisfies your pet’s age- and lifestyle-appropriate nutritional needs.

Keep Your Kitty’s Vaccinations Up-to-Date

We will go over any required vaccines during the yearly exam to keep your cat safe from potentially dangerous diseases if it comes into contact with other animals.

Cats kept indoors require illness-prevention measures.

Dental Health

Pet Dental Health Month falls in February in addition to National Cat Health Month!

Any pet’s general health is greatly influenced by their dental health. Regular cleanings can help maintain the health of your cat’s gorgeous whites.

Take advantage of this month dedicated to your cat, and give them the attention they deserve with regular activities and a fulfilling home!

If you don’t own one, simply adopt a cat and spread awareness. 

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