Planning To Buy A Horse? Here’s Some Important Advice

There are many different factors to consider when deciding whether or not you want to buy a horse. For example, do you have the space for it? Do you have the time for it? And most importantly, do you have enough money to afford one? In this blog post we’ll break down exactly how much a horse will cost and help guide your decision as to whether or not buying a horse is right for you!

The Responsibility

Horses can be an amazing addition to any family. If you have children, they’ll definitely benefit from the responsibility horses teach and the joy that a horse brings into their lives. On a more practical note, horses require a lot of care and attention in order to keep them happy and healthy. According to Forageplus, it is important that they get their vitamins in, and some can be quite fussy eaters. One could say that having a horse is similar to keeping a pet! Horses need feeding multiple times per day, bathing regularly, brushing down at least once daily, exercising at least twice weekly, and so on… If you feel like this level of responsibility is right for your household, then go ahead and buy yourself a horse! But remember: owning a horse isn’t just about caring for it – it’s also very expensive!


In total, a horse can cost anywhere from £3000 – £10000 GBP depending on the breed, age, and general upkeep of the animal. Some of the expenses you can expect include: 

-feed for the horse

-bedding for the stable (a pitchfork, box of hay, and a bale of straw will cost around £200 GBP)

-fencing materials to keep your horse contained in its paddock (this is if you choose to build your own paddock. It can be anywhere from £10 – £50 GBP depending on size)

– Horsebox – £1500- £5000

– Trainer/Rider Costs – £5000 +

– Nutrition – £1000 per year +/-

– Vet bills – can be very expensive! Average around £200+ per month. If you ever need to visit an equine hospital, it could cost you up to £300 just for the ambulance ride! That doesn’t include treatment costs. Eek!

At this point, many people will want to know how long these expenses last. Once you’ve bought your horse all of the above costs are ongoing. There isn’t one single expense that ends after you’ve bought your horse! It’s a lifelong commitment to the animal.

How to Choose a Horse

A lot of people may wish to choose a cheaper breed of horse. Whilst this may seem like an intelligent idea, it’s often better to buy the best horse you can afford so that you know they won’t get ill.

There are many different breeds so pick one according to what suits your level of responsibility and lifestyle. For example, if you have children but also work full time then it might be better to purchase a pony rather than a thoroughbred! This would be because ponies are generally much more manageable for smaller children whilst still being big enough to take part in Pony Club activities such as showing.

Ask around at Riding Clubs and local equestrian stores for advice. They’ll know which breeds are best suited to your needs and they may even come with some form of guarantee if you buy one from them!

If you do decide to choose a breed of horse that isn’t common, such as an Icelandic Horse or Arabian, then make sure you research all about their needs before making the purchase. You should also ask yourself how long you’re willing to keep the horse for – would you like to keep it forever, or is your intention to sell it later on?

Best Place To House Your Horse

If you don’t already have a stable it is important that you look into this for the sake of your horse. There are two primary options you can consider.

– Firstly, you could buy/build your own stable. This will be the cheapest option in terms of initial costs, but it will also mean that your barn needs to fit all of your horse’s equipment (horsebox included) as well as everything else! If you’re planning on keeping more than one horse, this may not be the best choice for you.

-Secondly, you could choose to rent or purchase stables at an equestrian center instead. This is likely going to be much more expensive than building your own stable because while they may appear big and spacious – these centers charge per square foot! A lot of people who live in the UK choose to purchase stables, but be warned: owning stables means you’re responsible for ensuring all of your equipment and any damage that may occur!

Buying a horse is one of the most expensive investments you can make. If you’re considering buying or renting stables, there are many considerations to take into account before making your decision. Remember that buying a horse is a lifelong commitment! If you’re not willing to keep it for the rest of your life then perhaps this isn’t the best decision for you. Before making your final decision, make sure you’ve done extensive research so you know exactly what will be needed in terms of barn space and equipment.

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