Top 150 Popular Portuguese Dog Names with Meanings


Portugal is rich cultured country that can inspire you finding a good name for your dog . The selection of the Portuguese dog names you are reading now is brought to you by Petpress , a website that helps its users finding perfect name for their beloved dogs.

Portugal is one of oldest countries in Western Europe with an interesting history and beautiful culture. It can be inspiring for dog owners who want good names for their furry friends

Male Portuguese Dog Names

Male Portuguese Dog Names Meanings
Julio Downy beard
Bebe Baby
Carlito Little man
Rute Companion
Frederico Peaceful ruler
Amerigo Power
Leonardo Strong as a lion
Rafael God has healed
Jordao To flow down
Vande Wanderer
Lucas Bright or shining
Bonifacio Good
Calisto Most beautiful
Urso Bear
Zorian Happy
Chinelos Flip-flops or slippers
Alberto Noble
Breno King
Fausto Ever ruler
Maximiano Greatest
Estevao Crown
Marcos Defender
Albino Pure or pale
Gaspar Treasurer
Benedito Blessed
Cornelio Horn
Simao Listen
Hugo Mind spirit
Adelmar Noble
Henrique Ruler or power.

Faustino Lucky
Fado Destiny
Armando Army man
Caramba Wow
Kaka Famous Brazilian football player
Angelo Angel
Rinhaldo Wise ruler
Cosme Order
Gilberto Pledge
Glaucio Blue-gray
Fofo Cutie or soft
Horacio Good eyesight
Alfredo Sage or wise
Alfonso Noble or ready
Beijinho Little kiss
Brento King
Christiano After Christiano Ronaldo the famous football player. This name means “Christian
Godofredo God and peace
Ernesto Serious
Artur Courageous or noble
Adriano Sea or water
Francisco French man
Salvador Savior
Bola Portuguese word for “ball.”
Antonio Highly praiseworthy
Kaci Brave or watchful
Emmanuel God is with us
Placido Calm
Benigno Kind and friendly
Agostinho To increase

Aco Steel
Jorge Farmer
Donato Given by God
Vicente Conqueror
Mano Brother
Ignacio Fiery one
Cecilio Blind
Valentim Strong
Alcides Strength
Amigo Friend
Nuno Ninth
Watchful or vigilant
Mateus Gift of God
Short form of Francisco
Lucky or successful
Leonor The bright one
Manly or masculine
To rule with a spear
Bento Blessed
Davi Beloved
Tomas Twin
Cesar Hair
Adao Earth
God is my strength
Luiz Famous warrior
Mari Famous

Female Portuguese Dog Names

Female Portuguese Dog Names Meanings
Small, intelligent one
Iris Rainbow
Graceful battle maiden
Praia Beach
Welda Ruler
Garda Guard
Noela Day of birth
Ramona Wise protector
Calista Most beautiful
Noemia Pleasantness
Lucia Light
Comida Food
Diligent or prosperous
Sara Princess
Nalda Strong
Leader of the tribe
Ursula Little bear
Nossa Our
Zeva Sword
Gloria Glory
Her strength is like a man
Beatriz Brings joy.
Leticia Happiness
Pedrina Rock
Enia Fiery
Woman of peace
Mafalda Powerful battler
Olena Pretty
Valere Brave
Dulce Sweet
Estrela Star
Chica A young woman

Carina Beloved
Guida Guide
Agueda Good-hearted
Alicia Noble” and “kind
Mara Bitter
Self-reliant individual
Suzana Lily
Alexandra Defending men
Ylva She-wolf
Sofia Wisdom
Protector of mankind
Bianca White or shining
Aurora Dawn
Pabla Small
Sorvete Ice cream.
Bela White
Luisa Famous warrior
Margarida Pearl
Beleza Beauty
She who must be loved
Marcia Defender
Protector of mankind
Branca White
Lua Moon
Octavia Born eighth
Ana Favor or grace
Rania Queen
Invaluable or priceless
Woman of victory
Matilde Mighty in battle
Idonia Industrious
Albina White
Anxo Angel

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