3 Tips on Protecting Your Dog from Indoor Hazards


Is there anything better than becoming a dog owner? Probably not. Having a little puppy and watching it grow is an unbelievably fulfilling and fantastic experience. However, it does come with great responsibility.

Dogs are highly intelligent and curious animals that love to try something new, especially due to their predator instinct and love eating, that might end up chewing everything they see. 

The problem is you can’t watch them all the time. That makes them do something silly that may be dangerous for them.

Before something worse happens to your precious puppy, you should prevent that by taking precautions that could harm your adorable puppies. 

First of all, you have to teach your dog how to behave so that it doesn’t take control of your home. 

Though it takes time to teach them how to behave, but it’s better than leaving them alone in your house and messing up everything including doing something that could harm them. 

Secondly, you need to provide it with proper food to avoid puppy constipation and other issues that may cause your dog harm.

And last but not least, you have to make sure it lives in a safe environment. And while we tend to think that only the outside can be dangerous for our pets, our households are equally, if not more hazardous.

And how to keep your pet safe from any household dangers? You’ll find the answer in the guide below.

Protect Electrical Cords

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Dogs love to chew things. And you can be sure that once your pet sees your electrical cables, it will make chewing them its priority because they thought that wires and cords were the tail for them to catch. 

And while getting through the insulation around cords isn’t easy, your puppy risks burns and electrocution if it chops down the cable.

That’s why you must take all the safety precautions. The best idea is to hide all electrical wiring behind pieces of heavy furniture. 

You can also cover your cords by wrapping them in the rubber tubing or running your cords through a pipe. This way it keeps your puppy to bite your cords directly. 

Keep All Chemicals in the Cabinets


Most homes contain chemical products that could harm your dogs when they find it. As mentioned above, dogs are curious creatures, so make sure to keep your chemical products in the safe place where your dog can’t reach it. 

You can also change or switch your chemical product to the products that are safe for pets. Because even though your puppies don’t eat or drink it, it still can be harmful if your dogs inhale or make contact with the skin.

Cleaning products and chemicals pose a massive danger to your pet, and keeping them somewhere safe is a necessity. Store them in cabinets outside your dog’s reach, and avoid using them around your.

Don’t Leave Small Items Around


As mentioned before, dogs love to put things into their mouths. And while it can be cute, it can also pose choking hazards, especially when items are small.

Small items like keys, toys or any items that inside your dog reach will grab their attention. Make sure to keep all the small things that can be eaten by your puppies away from them. 

With that in mind, you should clean your house thoroughly and ensure there aren’t any tiny toys and other things lying around.


Dogs are not just animals, they are lovely and loyal companions. They also need attention and a safe place to live. Keeping a dog as a pet is not only about feeding them proper food, but also creating and designing your home into a pet friendly home.

Creating a pet-friendly household isn’t a challenging task. The key is to keep your place that way for a long time. Aside from the tips given above, you should also make sure to:

  • Put away medications
  • Secure your garbage bins
  • Ensure your plants are away from dog’s reach
  • Hide food that could cause harm

By eliminating and hiding things that could harm your dog, you won’t be worried if you leave them alone in your house, and no need to watch all the time. Remembering all these things is crucial if you want to ensure you eliminate any household dangers for dogs, cats, and other pets; Check out this infographic below to take better care of your sweet puppy.

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