8 Steps to Help Your Cat Overcome Their Fear of People

Are you the proud owner of a scaredy-cat? You know, the one who runs and hides whenever someone new enters the room? How do you get a cat to stop being afraid of people?

Don’t fret—it’s a common problem for cats who’ve had negative experiences with people. Luckily, there’s plenty that can be done to help your furry friend get over their fear of humans.

With patience and understanding—and plenty of treats! Read on to learn more about how to help your cat come out of its shell.

From providing safe spaces away from visitors to setting up enriching activities, there are numerous ways you can help your timid kitty become more comfortable in your home.

What scares cats the most?

Cats may look like they’re made of fearless fluff, but they can get scared just like everyone else. From loud noises to unexpected guests, cats have a lot to be frightened of.

The scariest thing for cats? It’s a toss-up between vacuum cleaners and water bottles! Those dreaded objects represent the two greatest fears for felines: loud noises and sudden movements.

Vacuum cleaners screech and spit out air while water bottles squirt liquid that could potentially mean bath time.

No wonder cats run away when these items appear! Cats also get scared of cucumbers, although this is more due to their sudden appearance than anything else.

So, next time your cat gets spooked, you know why!

Why is my cat so scared of people?

Have you ever wondered why your cat is so scared of people? It’s not like cats are naturally skittish animals.

However, fear of humans can be caused by a number of things, such as trauma or lack of socialization.

If your cat has had a negative experience with someone in the past, it could cause them to become fearful and hide when visitors come over.

Alternatively, if they aren’t used to being around people, having unfamiliar faces in their space can feel overwhelming and scary.

Whatever the reason for your cat’s wariness towards strangers, there are a few things you can do to make them feel more comfortable. That brings us to the question asked by most cat parents.

How to get a cat to stop being afraid of people

If you’ve recently adopted a cat that is scared of people, don’t worry! You can help your new fur baby become accustomed to people. Here are a few tips on how to get a cat to stop being afraid of people:

1. Give your cat time and space.

When introducing a new person, give the cat their own room or designated area to retreat to if they feel scared. This will help them learn that it’s ok to be in this new environment without feeling immediate pressure from strangers.

2. Let your cat approach you first.

When spending time around the cat, keep your distance and let them come up to you at their own pace instead of forcing yourself onto them or trying to pick them up immediately.

3. Don’t rush the process

Anything done too quickly can make it worse for both parties involved; allow things to progress over time naturally so that everyone feels comfortable with each other gradually rather than all at once.

4. Socialize your cat with other cats

Watching another, more confident cat interact with people can be a great learning experience for a scaredy-cat.

5. Make sure everyone is polite to the cat

When introducing someone new to your furry companion, have them make slow and gentle movements so that the cat doesn’t feel threatened in any way; this will help it learn that humans aren’t something to fear.

6. Don’t forget treats!

Treats are an excellent tool to make friends with a fearful feline; use them as rewards for good behavior and when they approach you on their own terms.

7. Playtime is essential

Playing games with your cat, such as chase or hide and seek, can help build trust between you two.

8. Speak calmly and use a soft tone

Using a gentle voice when talking to the cat will show them that you are a kind person who means no harm. Make sure any visitors do the same!

By following these steps, you’ll be able to get a cat to stop hiding away from humans in no time! Good luck!

Can a scared cat become friendly?

Yes, a scared cat can become friendly with enough patience and understanding! Cats are naturally very wary creatures.

They don’t like sudden changes and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. But by taking it slow and giving the cat time to adjust, you can slowly help your feline friend become more comfortable with you and your home.

One way to help your scared cat become more comfortable is by providing plenty of hiding spots throughout the home.

A cat needs a secure place where he can relax and feel safe, so make sure there are boxes and shelves he can hide in.

You should also provide DIY cat toys, scratchers, and other items that will help keep him entertained and happy.


Ultimately, the key to getting a cat to stop being afraid of people is patience and consistency. In many cases, it may take time for your cat to feel comfortable around unfamiliar faces.

However, by establishing a trusting relationship built on love and understanding, you can make sure that your timid feline will eventually come around.

So don’t give up – with some effort and dedication, you can make sure that this scaredy-cat will soon be purring away in contented companionship. Good luck!

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