Paws-itively Puzzling! 20 Strangest Dog Behaviors Explained

Have you ever seen your pup do something so strange that you wondered if they were from another planet?

Well, it turns out there are some behaviors that dogs exhibit that can be explained with a few simple concepts.

From eating grass to chasing their own tails, let’s take a look at some of the strangest dog behaviors – and why they’re nothing to worry about!

We guarantee you’ll have a good chuckle as we explain the science behind these curious canine antics. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s dive into our list of the strangest dog behaviors…explained!

20 Strangest Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs are some of the most loyal and lovable animals in the world. They can be incredibly smart and have a unique way of communicating with us.

But sometimes, they do things that we can’t explain — strange behaviors that can leave us scratching our heads.

Here are 20 of the strangest dog behaviors explained, along with the scientific reasons behind them:

1. Sniffing Other Dogs’ Behinds:

A dog’s sense of smell is much more powerful than ours, so when they meet another pup, they’ll often take a quick sniff to get to know their new acquaintance better.

This behavior is known as “sniffing greeting,” and it allows dogs to learn more about each other without having to use verbal communication or body language.

2. Eating Poop:

This behavior is known as coprophagy and it’s actually quite common among dogs.

One reason behind this could be that their ancestors had to eat whatever they could find in order to survive, but it can also be caused by a dietary deficiency, so make sure you are feeding your pup a balanced diet!

3. Howling:

Howling is an instinctive behavior that dogs use to communicate with other dogs in the area.

It’s usually a sign that something has changed in their environment — like a new sound or scent — and they want to alert other dogs about it.

4. Rolling Around in Stinky Stuff :

Another strange behavior that dogs do is rolling around in stinky stuff! While this can seem gross to us humans, for dogs it’s their way of masking their own scent and making themselves less vulnerable to predators.

5. Chasing Their Tail:

No one is really sure why some dogs are obsessed with chasing their tails, but one theory is that this behavior might be a sign of boredom or anxiety.

If your pup starts spinning in circles, try distracting them with an activity or toy to help redirect their energy.

6. Going Crazy for Socks:

Dogs have a habit of stealing socks from our drawers and running around the house with them, much to our horror!

This could be due to the fact that socks are soft and smell like us — two things that pups love — so it’s a good way for them to show affection towards us.

7. Digging Holes:

If you’ve ever come home to a pile of dirt in your backyard, you know that dogs have a tendency to dig holes. This behavior is usually caused by boredom or an urge to “hide” important items like bones and toys underground.

8. Staring:

You might catch your pup staring off into space or at the wall for minutes on end — it’s one of their weirdest behaviors!

Scientists believe this could be related to hunting instincts, as they’re trying to focus in on something that isn’t there (like potential prey).

9. Eating Grass:

If your pup eats grass, don’t worry — it’s perfectly natural! In fact, some experts think that dogs eat grass to help settle their digestion or make themselves vomit if they’ve eaten something bad.

10. Zoomies:

If you’ve ever seen a dog run around the house in circles, that’s known as the “zoomies.”

This is usually caused by an excessive burst of energy, so it’s important to give them plenty of exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day.

11. Head Tilting:

Dogs tilt their heads when they hear something interesting or different.

This is because it helps them pinpoint the source of a sound and determine whether it’s coming from in front or behind them, so they can figure out where to look for whatever caused the noise.

12. Licking:

Dogs lick people and objects for many reasons, such as to show affection, to groom themselves, or even just because it feels good!

They also sometimes lick in order to get rid of unpleasant tastes in their mouths or transfer scents from their bodies onto the objects they’re licking.

13. Following You Around:

This is one of the most common dog behaviors, and it’s thought to be a way for them to show their devotion and loyalty to you by following you around.

Dogs are also known to do this in order to stay close to the source of food or protection, which makes sense considering their domestication process!

14. Chewing on Things:

Dogs have a natural tendency to chew on things, especially when they’re teething. This behavior can also be caused by anxiety and boredom, so make sure you provide them with plenty of stimulation to keep their minds occupied.

15. Sitting on Your Lap:

This may be the cutest behavior on the list! Dogs do this because they want to be close to you and enjoy your attention.

They also see it as a way to show dominance, since sitting on top of you is an assertion of their place in the “pecking order”.

16. Barking at Nothing:

Dogs bark for many reasons, but one reason could be that they are alerting you about something they heard or smelled that we cannot detect.

It could also just be “happy barking” from excitement or a sign of boredom or anxiety.

17. Humping:

Dogs hump for various reasons such as dominance, excitement, or simply because it feels good! If your pup is humping too much or excessively, then have them checked out by a vet as it may be a sign of an underlying health issue.

18. Sleeping in Uncomfortable Positions:

Despite how uncomfortable some sleep positions may look, dogs actually have no problem snoozing like this.

This is because their ancestors had to sleep in tight places or with one eye open for predators – thus having the ability to sleep standing up or curled into a ball became essential for survival.

19. Circling Before Lying Down:

This is another behavior that dogs have inherited from their ancestors, who had to circle an area before lying down in order to make sure it was safe and secure.

Dogs do this in order to make themselves comfortable and ensure nothing dangerous will surprise them while they sleep!

20. Eating Sticks:

While this behavior is not recommended, it’s often seen among dogs.

The reason behind it may be that they are trying to get more fiber or other nutrients into their diet, as some sticks can contain vitamins and minerals. Alternatively, they could simply enjoy the taste!

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the strangest dog behaviors explained!

While some of these weird habits may be annoying at times, just remember that they’re all a result of thousands of years of domestication and evolution.

So don’t forget to give your pup some extra love and attention for their unique quirks! 🙂

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