The 15 Worst Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

There are a number of canine breeds that just weren’t cut out to coexist with cats.

#1 Samoyed

Some Samoyeds tend to absolutely adoring little kittens, while others might see them as his or her next meal.

#2 Greyhound

Some greyhounds instinctively chase small animals, although others can easily learn the fine art of getting along with cats.

#3 Bedlington terrier

They can look as gentle as a little lamb, however, they can have a tendency toward being ferocious with no problem whatsoever with attacking and killing another animal.

#4 Siberian Husky

That’s one of the reasons why they’re not recommended for adoption by people who are not very experienced dog-owners, nor for any family that has smaller pets in the home, especially cats.

#6 Yorkshire Terrier

They have no inclination toward ever sharing even a little bit of their owner’s love with some other animal, especially if it’s a cat.