The 15 Worst Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

#8 Manchester Terrier

All good things that they have can be a bad thing when this adorably inquisitive little doggy mistakes the family cat for one of those pesky rodents.

#9 Whippet

They possess the instinct for chasing anything that’s furry and small, including cats.

#10 Australian Cattle Dog

In some cases, they may be tolerant of a cat but only if they’re raised with them.

#11 Afghan Hound

They’re known for having a vigorous interest in chasing cats, and that’s what puts the Afghan Hound squarely at the top of the list of non-cat-friendly dog breeds.

#12 Schipperke

Due to their keen hunting instinct, Schipperke’s do their best when raised in a cat-free home.