The 50 Best Male Dog Names and Meanings

If you`ve just got a male puppy, here`s the list of name ideas to help you make a good choice!

  •     Beldin – An English name that means beautiful valley
  •     Rupinder – means the greatest beauty
  •     Charudata – A Hindu name that means beautiful
  •     Kalidasa – a beautiful swan
  •     Beaufort – A name meaning beautiful fortress
  •     Hasan – beautiful or good
  •     Finnin – An Irish name that means a beautiful child
  •     Bonic – The word for pretty
  •     Ervin – A Scottish name that means beautiful
  •     Sebah – A Muslim name meaning pretty or handsome
  •     Mailie – A name from China meaning beautiful
  •     Uilani – beauty or royal beauty
  •     Akeno – A Japanese name that means beautiful sunrise
  •     Bello – An Italian name meaning handsome
  •     Skön – The Swedish word meaning beautiful
  •     Polit – The Basque word for beautiful
  •     Nzuri – The word meaning beautiful in Swahili
  •     Beau – This name means beautiful
  •     Li-Wei – A Chinese name that means beautiful rose
  •     Gamil – meaning beauty or loveliness
  •     Charuhas – An individual with a beautiful smile
  •     Muirfinn – A Scottish name that means dwells near the beautiful sea
  •     Laquan – This Spanish name means beautiful divine
  •     Beauchamp – A French name meaning beautiful field
  •     Krásný – The Czech word for beautiful
  •     Argider – A name meaning beautiful light

  •     Beaumont – A French name that means from the beautiful mountain
  •     Charuchit – A name from India meaning a person with a beautiful mind
  •     Lalit – A Sanskrit name meaning one who is beautiful
  •     Camlo – A Dutch and Romani name that means beauty or beautiful
  •     T-Bone: This is from the cut of steak.  A nickname of this would just be “T”.  This could also stand for the beverage.  A canine called T-Bone would definitely need to be tough.
  •     Yankee: This is from the military alphabet.  It is used for the letter “Y.”  This was also the nickname of the North during the Civil War.
  •     Thunder:  This sound happens after lighting.  In old times, people use to think the sound was from the Gods.
  •     Tonks: Tonks is the last name of a Harry Potter character, Nymphador Tonks.  She was in the Order of the Phoenix.  Even though the character was a girl, the last name is masculine.
  •     Taron: Taron is a cool sounding name.  It means, “Earth Man.”  Which might be weird to call a dog, but it is unique.
  •     Yeats: This is the last name of the famous Irish Poet W.B. Yeats.
  •     Taz: Taz is the nickname for the Tasmanian Devil from the Cartoon.  Taz was an impatient animal that had massive temper tantrums.  He also left a path of destruction anywhere he went.
  •     Turk:  This can be the name of a pooch with blue eyes.  Turk is the short form of Turquoise, the famous greenish blue stone.
  •     Zinc: Zinc is a metal that is used to prevent rust on iron.  It is also a mineral that is needed for proper nutrition.
  •     Tank: Tank is an armored fighting vehicle that is used in war.
  •     Taser: A Taser is a non-lethal weapon that shocks a person.
  •     Zander: Zander is from Alexander.  This name means, “Man warrior.”
  •     Yonder: Yonder is a large distance in a given direction.  It is also for the saying, “Wild Blue Yonder.”
  •     Taco: Taco is a perfect name for a little pooch with a lot of crunches.
  •     Tex: Tex is the nickname for someone from the state of Texas.
  •     Zeke: Zeke comes from the name Ezekiel.  This is a Hebrew name which means, “God will strengthen.”
  •     Titan: A titan is a person who is very powerful, smart, and strong.  Titan is also a word to describe something massive.
  •     Toryn:  Toryn is an Irish name that means, “Chief.”
  •     Thor: Thor is the God of Thunder.  He is also a badass comic book hero.
  •     Zeus:  Zeus is the king of Gods in Greek Mythology. He rules Mt. Olympus and the Earth.

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