Top 10 Best Breeds Of Dogs For Keeping In The Apartment

When it comes to apartment pets, size does matter. Here’s a look at some of the breeds that make the best apartment dogs.

#1 Yorkie terrier

Yorkies are ideal for living in an apartment. They are clean, do not fade and almost do not smell. Some owners teach them to go to the toilet in the tray. However, with a lack of movement, communication and new experiences, the character of the pet may deteriorate.

#2 Chihuahua

Chihuahuas do not tolerate loneliness, they need frequent communication with the owner, short active walks. It is also important to create a safe environment in the apartment: restrict access to household appliances, remove objects that could fall and injure a fragile animal.

#3 French Bulldog

An important advantage of French bulldogs is a balanced disposition. They do not bark over trifles, but they can, like guard dogs, warn the owner about the visit of strangers. If you plan to settle a pet in your bedroom, keep in mind that many bulldogs snore.

#4 Boston Terrier

Representatives of this breed are not accidentally called "American gentlemen." Firstly, Boston Terriers are very popular in the USA as apartment dogs, and secondly, they have a delicate aristocratic character. They are not inclined to express emotions by barking and entering into conflicts. Unlike bulldogs, they do not suffer from excessive salivation.

#5 Boxer

Boxers get along well in apartments and large families, get along well with children. Historically, boxers are used to living in a small area, and they do not need intense physical activity. Two or three walks a day for 30-40 minutes will be enough. In the house, boxers need a warm litter, as they are quite sensitive to cold.

#6 Setter

Irish, English and Scottish setters are different breeds with common qualities. Bred for hunting, they are now increasingly becoming companion dogs. Setters are clean, calm, and with sufficient walking are quite suitable for apartment maintenance. The breed is absolutely not aggressive and very attached to people.

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