Top 10 Best Breeds Of Dogs For Keeping In The Apartment

#7 Shar Pei

These dogs are moderately active, do not need large spaces and can live in an apartment.

#8 German Shepherd

A properly trained German shepherd may well exist in a city apartment. But do not forget that this is still a large breed. Ideally, an apartment of at least three rooms should be located near a park or other spacious walking area where the dog can freely run and train.

#9 Great Dane

Of course, it is best to keep the dog in your own estate, but in some cases, the dog will be comfortable and in a spacious apartment. With sufficient activity in the fresh air in the house, the dog is imposing and calm. He needs a high place, but rather a special sofa for sleeping.

#10 Labrador

With proper education, this breed can be easily kept in the apartment, but puppies can cause a lot of trouble to the owners. Young animals need long walks, games, and socializing.

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