Top 10 Dog Breeds Dangerous For Families With Children

Want to get a dog, but you have a child in your family? We advise you to listen to our simple and practical advice. If you find in this list the TOP 10 dogs, the breed that you decided to buy for the child, think carefully so that you do not regret later.

#1 Akita Inu

Firstly, they are distrustful of strangers and especially do not like other people's children. Secondly, adult dogs of this breed are often aggressive towards other animals. They can attack them without warning, despite the difference in size. Would you trust walking such a pet to your child?

#2 Dalmatian

Dalmatians are large, very strong and hyperactive dogs. Even in a company with a socialized dog, which is accustomed to children's attention, you need to closely monitor their communication, not leaving them alone for a minute.

#3 Toy Terrier

The dog has a rather sensitive nature: in a family with noisy active children, she will have a hard time. A nervous dog will quickly become intimidated, and aggression is not far from it. In addition, they are famous for their fragility: they can not be shaken, squeezed and thrown even from a small height.

#4 Doberman

It will take a lot of effort and training for the dog to remember that the children are the same owners and they need not only to be protected but also respected.

#5 Husky

If you have a Siberian Husky, think that you will have another child - naughty, energetic, requiring a lot of attention and many hours of classes and walks.

  1. I have a husky cross shepard and i have a 2 year old my dog she is amazing with my son, im sorry but this is very inaccurate

#6 Basenji

Dog handlers note that this dog can perfectly know all the commands, but each time it will decide whether it wants to execute them. In addition, they have no equal in the art of escape - they are not even stopped by fences, through which the Basenji masterly climb. It is worth immediately calculating whether you can pay so much attention to the pet at the same time as the child.

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