Top 10 Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

What is true happiness? Your first dog ever! Here he runs after you, sticking out his tongue, wags his tail, brings a stick. And you are happy and proud of being his owner.

But not all dogs are good for first-time owners. That`s why we collected the 10 best dog breeds for those who consider getting their first dog.

#1 Pug

These funny dogs have been known from ancient times. In China, they were known as dogs for the rich people - the wrinkles on their forehead were called the Emperor’s signs. Pugs are affectionate to humans, their temperament is good-natured, fairly balanced. The only important condition is living in a house, a pug is not a yard dog. This good-natured dog is always ready to follow the owner everywhere.

Care. Despite the short coat, the pug is a shedding breed, but you can avoid it by combing daily or wiping the dog’s body with a wet cloth. Pugs can take a bath not more than once per week. You should pay attention to the crease on the nose, which must be wiped after eating, as food debris and dust can accumulate there.

Pugs don`t require long walks.

#2 Poodle

Bringing a wand, walking on hind legs, jumping over obstacles - this is about the natural artistic talent and the unlimited intelligence of Poodles. The poodle is easy to train a learn any command.

Care. Poodles are not shedding at all. They are hypoallergenic. They require grooming only once per 2-3 months.

Poodles don`t require long walks.

#3 Corgi

Corgi's coat is short, but it should be wiped with a wet cloth.

Corgi is easy to train, he follows your commands playfully and performs the exercises with particular enthusiasm and pleasure.

Corgi can be called a universal dog. Corgis make friends with children and other pets.

Care is easy. Require the walks around 20-30 min.

#4 Beagle

Beagle is a non-aggressive, smart dog making friends with children and other pets.

The Beagle still has a hunting instinct, you can see it when your Beagle has a sudden desire to dig the ground or chase a cat. Therefore, Beagles demand daily exercise and high activity.

Care. Require walks at least three times a day, not less than 20-30 minutes each one.

#5 Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dog is a smart, loyal dog, needed a lot of praise. He was originally bred as a shepherd dog, so you can leave children with him. Bernese dogs are great babysitters.

Communication is the most important component of their life.

Care. The main disadvantage is the long hair coat, high shedding in the autumn-spring period. So you should comb your dog on a regular basis.

This breed is perfect for all, without exception, especially for families with children.

These dogs require quite long walks.

#6 Great Dane

Great Dane is an unflappable, stately, calm dog, perfect for phlegmatic people.

Great Dane is loyal only to one owner, so if you own a Great Dane, please never leave him.

They adapt well in the apartment but require high physical activity, training, and regular walks. Great Dane can live with other pets and children.

Care. The hair coat is short and doesn`t require a lot of care. A balanced diet is necessary.

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