Top 10 Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

#7 Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. These dogs are friendly, active, playful, respectful to all people. They can be great babysitters and make friends with other pets.

Care. Golden Retriever's hair coat is long, but it is easy to pick up with a vacuum cleaner. They require high physical activity.

#8 Irish Setter

Irish Setter is a hunter, friend, and great family member. A smart and easily trained dog. He quickly follows the owner`s commands. He feels the owner’s emotions well. Irish Setters love long walks and require high physical activity.

The care is easy, you only need to bathe the dog periodically and monitor the hygiene of the ears. Setters also have a good appetite, so try not to overfeed the dog.

Setters are patient with children and respect all family members.

#9 Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is a proud, active, curious dog. He is a great hunter, ready to bring both a duck and slippers to the owner. He is easy to train.

Care. Cocker spaniels require care, regular bathing, combing, and grooming. Keep your spaniel's ears clean.

#10 Boxer

Boxer is a loyal dog with great guard ability. He is easy to train and a very clean dog. He can become the perfect babysitter for your children and can make friends with other pets.

Care. You have to feed your Boxer regularly, three times a day. You should train the dog as long as possible, as Boxer is a very active and playful dog. Boxer is extremely difficult to endure loneliness. Care is easy. The shedding period is autumn-winter. You should wipe the dog`s body every day with a wet cloth. When salivation, just prepare a towel with which you will wipe the saliva and crease on the face.

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