TOP 10 Dog Breeds That Are No More

#7 Saint John Water Dog

These friendly clumsy dogs lived in Newfoundland. They were often taken from the island, and later breeders derived various breeds based on them, for example, Golden Retriever and Labradors. The original breed slowly died out, and in the 20th century, only two of its representatives remained. Unfortunately, both were he-dogs. They remained only in photographs.

#8 Bullenbeisser

These rude and slightly grumpy German bulldogs have sunk into oblivion after the appearance of their relatives - boxers.

#9 Coton de Tulеar

According to legend, these charming fluffy dogs survived a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, fought off sharks, swam to the shores of Madagascar and began to interbreed with local street dogs. So there was a breed of Coton de Tulear.

#10 Russian bloodhound

These large dogs (weighing about 45 kg) were bred in Russia and mainly served the Caucasian highlanders as shepherd dogs. In the 19th century, Sir Dudley Majoribanks saw Russian bloodhounds at Brighton Circus, England, and bought the whole pack. From them, he brought out a golden retriever, and the Russian bloodhounds gradually died out.

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