TOP 10 Dog Breeds That Are No More

Why do domestic dog breeds disappear? Some breeds are crossed with others, and as a result, new dogs are born that are more suitable for fashion or certain tasks. Or destroyed by predators (including humans). Or breeders lose interest in the breed. Be that as it may, dog breeds disappear constantly.

#1 Kurī

In the 14th century, Kurī was brought to New Zealand. They were from Polynesia. The Maori people adored these dogs, but other people did not like them. Kurī are often described as ugly dogs with a poor sense of smell. In the end, the breed lost its popularity and became extinct.

#2 Talbot

The Talbot was a type of hunting hound common in England during the Middle Ages. It is depicted in the art of the period as small to medium-sized, white in color, with short legs, large powerful feet, a deep chest with a slender waist, long drooping ears, and a very long curled tail. It is shown in one well-known example at Haddon Hall with a fierce facial expression. It is now extinct but is believed to be an ancestor of the modern beagle and bloodhound.

#3 Molossus

Molossoid breeds were large dogs beloved by the Greeks and Romans. Currently, they are called "Molossian". It is believed that Molossians helped people on hunting, in reindeer herding and fighting: as a rule, one dog was trained for one lesson.

#4 Cordoba Fighting Dog

This ruthless powerful cross between a mastiff, a bull terrier and a bulldog in Argentina was used for dog fights. But instead of mating, he and the dog found something more interesting for themselves - they tried to kill each other. As a result, the breed became extinct.

#5 Paisley Terrier

Paisley terriers were an exhibition version of sky terriers. Gradually, they became extinct, because the demand for them at exhibitions has faded away. Well, no one said show business is easy.

#6 Braque du Puy

This new French hunting breed was discovered in the 19th century, but today you can find many different dogs, the original breed no longer exists.

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